Some delicious goodies from BNH Sponsor Loordes of London!

Literally everything at Loordes of London Flagship store is on my wish list. Everything. And if you have not yet been by, then shame on you. Any store with a sweet little peacock at the landing, in full plumage, deserves your attention!

The shoes… the clothes… the everything…  it’s fashion heaven, for me.


and the pricing is fair to the wallet while still respecting the time, energy, and creativity involved in bringing you things like this bag.


This right here, so sexy….
Loordes of London-Chennai Handbag-Teal


This necklace, yo. How perfect to pair it with that purse?

Loordes of London-Ring of Gullion-#30


Not a lot of L$ in your pocket? that’s cool, Loordes of London is involved in tons of hunts, as well as:

Secret Wednesday

Super Sales Weekend

Steals & Deals

Pure Contagion

Simply The Best

My 60L Secret

55 Thursday

Monday Mania.


Need a ride? Click  HERE. 


“Meet The Sponsors” of Our Secret Santa Hunt

Without a doubt it is always more than a little enlightening to get a glimpse into the second lives of our sponsors.   We have 11 fabulous sponsors, 7 of which have given us the opportunity to see what inspires them, difficulties faced and goals achieved.   It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a designer or content creator, read and be inspired by these fabulous individuals.  Heart warming stories and words of wisdom can be taken from each and enhance not only your second life but your real life as well.

Do take time to read them all.  They are in no particular order.  I can honestly say this is one of my favorite parts of the FAR Hunt Group Hunts.   There are real people with real stories and real vision for the future amoung us!   Without further ado ……

“Meet The Sponsors”

Guenevere Decuir-Legion ~ Collisions

Kittii Darkrose ~ Kitti’s Mens and Ladies Attire

Desdemona Young ~ SD Wears

Deana Waydelich ~ Fantasy Restraints & Fashion

Ani Charisma ~ Charisma Designs

Felicia Helendale ~ Felicia’s Fashion

Yuna Khaos ~ Wicked Sin Creations

Kay Weston ~ Image Essentials