Secret Santa Hunt Merchants Thus Far


We have a fabulous line up of merchants thus far for the Secret Santa Hunt.    Applications are still be accepted until November 20th so this is not the official list for hunters to follow.  That list will be posted as the hunt start date nears.

Many new stores are participanting in their first FAR Hunt Group hunt and some familiar faces have came back for another round with us.  To all of you, WELCOME!   Thanks so much for joining us in what we hope will be a very fun hunt for all of us.


Image Essentials

~*~Felicia’s Fashions~*~

Wicked Sin Creations

Incendia Outdoors


Sirens Stones / Song

Kabuki Creations

SD Wears

Charisma Designs

Exquisite Eye Decorations


Stone’s Works


The Happy Hat

Flowers Candles Romance



Aster’s Wedding Invitations & Accessories

..:HC creations:..


An Lema



..::Rotten Apple::..

Artistry by ~ E ~

Creations Kitchen

Nuts Inc


{{Imajicas G-Spot}} Gestures


{NS} Nadeau Shoppe



before sleep

:.::Hot Stuff::.:

Christmas Trees & Winter Romance



Ginger’s Outdoors

Urban Gypsy Clothiers

SuperJail Emporium

Vero Modero


Soul Effects

Dondi’s Doodads



Boho Hobo

Stitches Creations

Fantasy Restraints and Fashion


Long Live the Dead – Hint List!

LLTD #1 Silent Sanctuary    Gather round the table where a gift nearby you’ll see. It shouldn’t be that hard, it the one priced at 3!

LLTD #2 2KILL4  Walk Like An Egyptian

LLTD #3 Grim Death Co  I am between Midnight and the Trash, I am also 2 in 1


LLTD #5 .:CoLLisions:. 

LLTD #6 :.::Hot Stuff::.: 



LLTD #9 Kabuki Creations  Yay Swing ! (Upper floor only)

LLTD #10  ::Fe Style::  Ready for takeoff

LLTD #11 Reliquia “A bath and a massage will make me feel ALIVE!”

LLTD #12 COZI To get the point, you may need to seek inspiration from above.

LLTD #13 Sirens Song

LLTD #14 Amulet Tuck your Dead into Bed!

LLTD #15 <<Aubin x Chimo>>


LLTD #17 Skip

LLTD #18  {:ThirteenTH:} I only cry tears of blood.

LLTD #19  *Anymore

LLTD #20 Charisma Designs

LLTD #21 Demented DreamWorx Mingled in with my new items boards just inside the door.

LLTD #22 <Lash-Ware> Lash-Ware In the NEW section

LLTD #23 Snow Bound

LLTD #24 )0( Violet Moon Creations )0( “My goddess of the violet twilight You are lust incarnate in the sweat of my bed The eastern sky hints of dawning Alone and awake and exhausted I lie Oh how I hate the morning”
LLTD #25 Incendia Outdoors

LLTD #26 The Happy Hat Check the Hunt Hint and it will be said On where the gift is set for the dead

LLTD #27 Seddy’s Creations

Female Item: Be very careful you dont get caught in the cobwebs.

Male Item: There is a thin line between men and fantasy.

LLTD #28 Eye Candi Eye see you!

LLTD #29 Haven Creations Where there is death there is hope..

LLTD #30 Death row designs

LLTD#31 -FARplay-



Carnival Days Still Taking Apps!

That’s right folks!


As Summer Vacation winds down (last day: July 31st!) we bring you important news about September’s Carnival Days hunt! Due to overwhelming response, we have eliminated the 50 store limit, and will continue taking apps until the deadline of August 17th! Already we have an amazing lineup including such hot brands as Grumble, 1 Hundred, and Just Darling! If you’ve already applied and have not received a welcome pack, never fear! We’re processing applications every day, and we’ll be sending approved stores welcome packs soon!

If you’d like to apply for Carnival days, check out this page for our online application – it’s the only way to apply, because we’re no longer taking notecard apps! What does this mean for you? For one, it keeps your inventory clutter-free! for another, it ensures  your app won’t get eaten or lost by the asset server monsters!

Also on that page is all the forms you will need to keep us informed of changes, submit your hints, and more!


We’re almost ready to unveil September’s 12  hunt sponsors, so be sure to check back for more info soon!

Carnival Days Gridwide Hunt Information

*Application Deadline: Friday, August 17th or until full

*Hunt Starts on September 1st and Ends on September 30th

*Maximum 50 Stores

*This is NOT a free hunt – all prizes will be L$5 each

*MUST be able to read and write English fleuntly.

*Quality Merchandise is a Must.  This means the gift you present must reflect the items that you sell in your store.  No resellers, no business in a box, no newbie or freebie type stores will be accepted.  No exceptions.

*You will be added to a subscriber that you must remain in for the duration of the hunt.

*Merchants who are accepted will receive a Welcome Package

*Hunt sign with hunt prim MUST be rezzed at your location immediately upon receipt of the Welcome Package

*You are able to meet deadlines for submitting needed information

*Applications must be Complete or they will be deleted without notice.

*Because this is a themed hunt your gift has to reflect that in some manner.  Be creative.

Before applying, please be sure to read the Vendor Rules

Applications for the Carnival Days Hunt are online here:

If you would like to Sponsor Carnival Days please read the following

Sponsor Application

We are excited about this fun themed hunt and look forward to having you join us!  If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Rowan Attis – FAR Hunt Group Event Organizer
Ava Carrasco – FAR Hunt Group Owner

Summer Vacation Hint List *Updated July 8th

Piddler’s Perch – Where there is Camo, that’s where I’ll be

MS ARTIFACTO – The only difference in the store are shapes.

Dot-Be – Between a National monument of Belgium and some Belgium goodies you will find your summer vacation gift.


Lyrieal’s – I’ll Just Hang out here near this mysterious lady

FLOOD– I’m under the big top!  Wait is that the big top, or a dress?

Softouch Fashions – Look Between Mother to be and me, that is where I will be

Ginger’s Outdoor Store – Summertime is perfect for a walk in the garden.

PDN’s Potpourri – if you look around the interior, I’m sure you will find something to take with you on vacation.

Charisma Designs NO HINT PROVIDED

K&B  We’re going to ROCK hard “All Summer Long

Soul Effects􀀝 skip for now

Loordes of London – Pembroke!

Unforgettable Temptations

mens= I am hiding around a bunch of items,one thats gone up in smoke.

womens hint: Lingerie is so sexy,I see a bunch of it here.

Kabuki Creations Hugs & Kisses Please

AIDORU􀀙 – news keep you up-to-date and rings keep you engaged!


Pocky This summer we’re riding in style.

Pixel Snobs What is a man doing in a woman’s store ad?

Galimauffry Stores If you like Chillin & a Sandcastle on the beach you will find this easy :O)

Seductive Designs It’s finally summer time to lay back and relax!

**Small Voices** Quick! Go upstairs and check out the sibling rivalry!

Heavenly Creation NO HINT PROVIDED

Silk dreams Why is Alicia dressed so warm, doesn’t it get hotter on the 2nd floor?

Shadow Moon You might need this raft after being in this sea of flesh!


Incredible Creative NO HINT PROVIDED

Galleria Designs No need to go up. But you need to pass the stairs.

Lushish Catz International summer wear

The Jewellery Exchange  ‘The Vacation is behind ‘Victoriana’.

Panda Punx  Between Kayla and Brandy

Wyldflower What does your reflection tell you?

M&M deco – Don’t get wet! (1st room)

Kimba’s Boutique you can see me threw the window

Serendipity Designs Watch out you may get wet!!



C&P CASUAL WEAR Male or female, search to the end.






-FARplay- I get around-round Get around, I get around………

Ancient & Modern 􀀭 – I wonder if there will be any swings on our tropical island this holiday?”

FAR concepts   – Skip for now

Summervacation hunt ..

Relaxing on this great summerdeck … the summer vacation hunt more then clothing alone …


Relaxationdeck : Club Escapades and Ocean Getaways : Relaxationdeck with 11 animations :

OutfitPepu : summervacation gifts #26 Outfit with Chalet – Pants, tank, slipper and gloves

Bracelet : The jewellery exchange Sun worshipper – male bracelet #30

New in D-style and Summervacation hunt

Delirium style brought a new male outfit called blade and these 2 beachchairs that can be found on the summervacation hunt are just perfect. With 10 single poses and 3 couple sex poses a must have.

Outfit : Delirium Style : D-style Blade (not free)

Summer Lovin chairs : Seductive DesignsSummer Loving’Purple and Green

Summer Vacation Hunt : start place –> more info

Hey, where is the hunt prim??? Why is there just this box of LMs?? WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON HERE?!?!?!?!? There will be no hunt prim … based on the hint, hunters you can look for that item … and get it for only 3L !!!

Summer vacation hunt …

Yay … its summertimeeee …. are u ready for the beach?

When i was walking down the beach i did see some stuff i could do … i builded a sandcastle and i while i was sunbathing next to my castle, i did see a raft. I did take the raft and took off to a wonderfull offsim island…

Picture topleft :

Picture topright :

Picture bottomleft :

Picture bottomright :

  • Tropical Island : Ancient & Modern : tropical islands : These islands are for those of you who want to vacation at home for whatever reason.  So your own little tropical island!  One island is for off sim, one with water edging for own land use only and one without water edging for own land use only and the towls contain different animations

Summer Vacation Hunt : start place –> more info

Hey, where is the hunt prim??? Why is there just this box of LMs?? WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON HERE?!?!?!?!? There will be no hunt prim … based on the hint, hunters you can look for that item … and get it for only 3L !!!