Wicked Sin Creations ~ Our Favorite Things Sale Event

“Our Favorite Things” Sale Event is on!   Course if you’re keepin’ an eye on this blog and our inworld group you already know this.   This is only one of many designs offered up by Wicked Sin Creations.   Pop over to the sale and grab up these deals while you can!!


Hair: Tameless ~ Reese ~ a short style with spunk. Ability to change colors in the streak and hair.  Great as always and a new favorite.

Skin: Curio ~ :GP: Petal [Dark] Party Girl – Midnight 2 ** Free gift mega pack marking the return of Curio Skins, awesome gift as a thank you from Gaia Phoenix for all the support received. ** So many skins in this pack that I lost count.  Amazing!!

OUTFIT – Wicked Sin Creations ~ Deep “Black” offered at Our Favorite Things Event

Boots – :{MV}: ~ Snakeskin Noir — just an awesome ass pair of Mesh boots I grabbed while on L$60 Weekend


About Rowan

A character among the human race whose face is masked by a beautiful skin, whose clothes give no evidence of economic status, finds adventure beneath the sea and above the earth, one whose mind needn't always be rational, whose feet don't always plant firmly to the ground, whose heart is as large as the grid and finds room for sharing with but one. Rowan is but a virtual extension of me.

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