The FHG Birthday Bash Hunt!

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FHG turns ONE in 2013!


This is a FREE hunt, with no store cap – we’ll be doing approvals up to the application deadline of Feb. 5th. Check below for details and the link to our online application.

  • Your hunt gift MUST be birthday themed.
  • Gift must reflect the quality of your other items. Free hunts help give people a taste of what you have – if you make a crap gift, they won’t be as inclined to revisit your shop later.
  • Hunt objects will contain a script that will prevent resident from obtaining multiple copies of the hunt gifts by allowing only one per resident per stop.
  • Please do not box your gift! Just place into the contents of the hunt object. While there are ways to get around unpacking, such as by wearing and dragging from the contents, it’s just annoying and a huge turn-off to many hunters.
  • You are not allowed to alter the shape or color of the hunt object. You CAN make it larger, but you are not allowed to make it smaller. We make them pretty small already!

Full rules and requirements on the application.

Click Here to Go To Our Application 


Cpy/paste this link into your browser:


An Appology From FHG

A few words from Ava and Rowan

FAR Hunt Group would like to take a moment to apologize to our readers, and to the designers,   for the recent fashion post. It was an unauthorized, unsanctioned action taken by a disgruntled former employee . He does not represent FAR Hunt Group or any of its holdings, and we are deeply sorry if the incident has caused any inconvenience. Our apologies go out to the designers who were deceived by the misrepresentation. 

“Meet The Sponsors” of Our Secret Santa Hunt

Without a doubt it is always more than a little enlightening to get a glimpse into the second lives of our sponsors.   We have 11 fabulous sponsors, 7 of which have given us the opportunity to see what inspires them, difficulties faced and goals achieved.   It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a designer or content creator, read and be inspired by these fabulous individuals.  Heart warming stories and words of wisdom can be taken from each and enhance not only your second life but your real life as well.

Do take time to read them all.  They are in no particular order.  I can honestly say this is one of my favorite parts of the FAR Hunt Group Hunts.   There are real people with real stories and real vision for the future amoung us!   Without further ado ……

“Meet The Sponsors”

Guenevere Decuir-Legion ~ Collisions

Kittii Darkrose ~ Kitti’s Mens and Ladies Attire

Desdemona Young ~ SD Wears

Deana Waydelich ~ Fantasy Restraints & Fashion

Ani Charisma ~ Charisma Designs

Felicia Helendale ~ Felicia’s Fashion

Yuna Khaos ~ Wicked Sin Creations

Kay Weston ~ Image Essentials

Hints and Pictures! Secret Santa Hunt Goodness!!

The hints are listed and the pictures are posted!  There is much to seek out from all of our fantastic merchants.  Each store should have a gift for both men and women OR one unisex.  As you hunters travel the path to pick up the treats created for you, please do not hesitate to contact FHG OWNERS – not the merchants – if you are having trouble locating a gift for your gender.   No one is to be left out this Christmas!

Secret Santa Hint List

Secret Santa Gift Preview

For the hunters, a questionnaire will be made available to you as we would very much love to know your thoughts on this hunt, future hunts and constructive criticism that will provide insight from the hunters view.  No names are required!  We only want to know how YOUR experience as a hunter as this will allow us to grow and give you more of what you want and less of what you don’t.   A notice will be sent in the group when it is prepared.  Currently, Dear Hunter is also available in the gift at the last store on the path – Piddler’s Perch.

Thanks to all of our hunters and merchants!  Without you, we wouldn’t be here!

Much love and many gifts,

Rowan Attis

Avari Carrasco (Ava Runner)