December’s Hunt – The Secret Santa Hunt

Decembers hunt will not be themed in that gifts from our merchants must be holiday or seasonal in nature.   Gifts to our hunters will be made with love as merchants pour themselves into the creation in a more personal manner.   The guideline given is “IF you would not like to receive it as a gift, do not give it”!  From houses to socks, you never know what you might find in this hunt.  Merchants who participate are the Secret Santa to All the grids hunters.   It is expected to be a fun and exciting hunt with many unique and carefully crafted surprises.

The last day for merchant applications is on November 20th and we do have room for sponsors still also.   Hunters will bombard stores seeking fabulous gifts beginning on December 10th.  The Secret Santa Hunt is only 3 weeks long with an ending date of December 31st.   Dates were chosen to hopefully not interfere with any of our real life holiday plans.

For interested merchants, please take the time to read the guidelines then click the lick to fill out the application.   We hope for a large turnout and have kinda overlooked a few “standard guidelines” for this hunt.  NEW STORE OWNERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO APPLY FOR THIS HUNT.  There can never be enough joy and happiness in SL.  Secret Santa’s Apply Now :)
The Secret Santa Hunt Info & Application Link


About Rowan

A character among the human race whose face is masked by a beautiful skin, whose clothes give no evidence of economic status, finds adventure beneath the sea and above the earth, one whose mind needn't always be rational, whose feet don't always plant firmly to the ground, whose heart is as large as the grid and finds room for sharing with but one. Rowan is but a virtual extension of me.

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