Long Live The Dead Prize Pics

We are a bit delayed in our updating the blog due to real life taking precedence as it does sometimes.   I’ve been horribly sick myself while Ava has taken care of a very sick baby.   Happy to say, both the baby and I are on the mend :)  Thank you all for being patient with us as we try to catch up on things.

With that being said, the prize pics are up for your drooling pleasure.  These are only the ones we have received thus far.  Updates will be made should we received more.   Our designers have fantastic treats for you to find.  Without a doubt they are worth far more than the L$3 you’ll spend on them :)

Click HERE to view the Gallery

Remember that you are looking for the VENDOR that is priced at L$3, there is NO hunt object.  Hints provided on the blog or in the hint givers at stores should lead you to that ‘Hunt Vendor”.   Holler out in group chat if you need assistance on a store your stuck at.  That’s what it’s there for, other hunters, merchants or management will chime up when they can.

That is it for now!  Slap that link above to perv the goodies then use the hints page to get you started or to help you finish the hunt :)


Long Live the Dead – Hint List!

LLTD #1 Silent Sanctuary    Gather round the table where a gift nearby you’ll see. It shouldn’t be that hard, it the one priced at 3!

LLTD #2 2KILL4  Walk Like An Egyptian

LLTD #3 Grim Death Co  I am between Midnight and the Trash, I am also 2 in 1


LLTD #5 .:CoLLisions:. 

LLTD #6 :.::Hot Stuff::.: 



LLTD #9 Kabuki Creations  Yay Swing ! (Upper floor only)

LLTD #10  ::Fe Style::  Ready for takeoff

LLTD #11 Reliquia “A bath and a massage will make me feel ALIVE!”

LLTD #12 COZI To get the point, you may need to seek inspiration from above.

LLTD #13 Sirens Song

LLTD #14 Amulet Tuck your Dead into Bed!

LLTD #15 <<Aubin x Chimo>>


LLTD #17 Skip

LLTD #18  {:ThirteenTH:} I only cry tears of blood.

LLTD #19  *Anymore

LLTD #20 Charisma Designs

LLTD #21 Demented DreamWorx Mingled in with my new items boards just inside the door.

LLTD #22 <Lash-Ware> Lash-Ware In the NEW section

LLTD #23 Snow Bound

LLTD #24 )0( Violet Moon Creations )0( “My goddess of the violet twilight You are lust incarnate in the sweat of my bed The eastern sky hints of dawning Alone and awake and exhausted I lie Oh how I hate the morning”
LLTD #25 Incendia Outdoors

LLTD #26 The Happy Hat Check the Hunt Hint and it will be said On where the gift is set for the dead

LLTD #27 Seddy’s Creations

Female Item: Be very careful you dont get caught in the cobwebs.

Male Item: There is a thin line between men and fantasy.

LLTD #28 Eye Candi Eye see you!

LLTD #29 Haven Creations Where there is death there is hope..

LLTD #30 Death row designs

LLTD#31 -FARplay-