Long Live The Dead Mini-Hunt

A Few Words From Ava…

With everything that we are throwing into the FHG Spooktacular, such as the Zombie Hunt, The Harvest, and the Costume Party with DJ Bone of Kattitudes and Boneisms, a month-long hunt with 80some odd vendors didn’t really make a lot of sense for us. So we’ve adapted the original ideas of Long Live The Dead to a shorter length, two weeks only, making this one a mini-hunt. And Once I started coming off this cold, I was able to finally put together the sign, so we can get back to processing applications. and now, without further ado, the long awaited LLTD Poster…

 THEME: Anything creepy, freaky, scary, spooky, etc. The more twisted and dark, the better!
Cost: 3L Hunt
Hunt Prim: NONE
TIME: October 15-31st
DEADline: September 25th
You gift must be an original creation made by you or a partner.
You must not make your gift available, for free or for sale, during the length of the hunt.
Your hunt gift must be set out as a regular item in your store, and marked for sale for 3L.
You must provide a hint for your item, which hunters will use to find the 3L item set for sale in your store (your hunt gift).
If you have a larger than average store, or your item is placed more than 30m form the landing point, you must use a hunt path.
To ensure the quality of gifts for our hunters, stores who are participating in more than 5 hunts, including this one, will be disqualified.
Approved vendors will receive a hunt poster and group joiner.
Hunt vendors may join the inworld group and are allowed 1x notice per week.
Sponsor space for this hunt is limited to 5 vendors.
Sponsor fees for this hunt, given it’s length, are set at 300L and are due upon acceptance.

We are no longer accepting notecard applications. Interested vendors can find the application at the following address:



FHG Update – September 2

Have you had the opportunity to “Meet Our Sponsors” yet?   We have had great response to this new feature and are very pleased to bring you a glimpse into the creative minds of four more sponsors.  You don’t want to miss these!!  Each offer up a bit of encouragement to new builders and designers as well as showing off their personal favorite creation.

Princess Verwood – {:ThirteenTH:]

Naku Nishi – Kabuki Creations

Lokii Violet – :{MV}:

Roc Neiro – [AsYLUM]
Carnival Days Hunt began yesterday and is off to a great start.  We do have a few stores that aren’t quite ready but will inform everyone through the inworld group when they are prepared for hunters to bombard their store.

The current list of hints and prize pictures can be found here:    Carnival Days Hunt Hints & Carnival Days Prizes

Watch for more info to head your way on all the grand festivities coming your way for the month of October.  There’s a boatload!!!!