First Sneak Peek at Prizes

Hiya folks!  The carnies are showing off their talents for you all in our first preview of hunt photos.  This by far isn’t all of the merchants pics but it should give the excitement level a little boost.  You will find them under the Hunters and Shoppers Info at the top of the page.  Or … you could just click this link!  We do want to make it easy after all.

Carnival Days Hunt preview from the Carnies!!

While not all photos are labeled as to who is offering the item we can tell you they are all fantabulous and so much fun!   Reckon hitting all the merchants on the hunt will be the best way to get all the great loot :)


It’s Almost Time…..

That’s right, guys! We finally have an event poster for this!  Find the link for the apps in the Merchant Info tab…

Top 5 reasons to be excited for October’s Spooktacular:

5. Zombie Hunt. Hunt down the zombie, and kill it!
4. Secret events we’ll spill our guts about soon….
3. The Harvest – find body parts around the sim for L$!
2. Up to 20 vendors with scary good deals!
1. COSTUME PARTY with cash and prizes! Want to help sponsor the event? IM Avari Carrasco to find out more

I LOVE Halloween! This is going to be a BLAST!

Introducing “Meet The Sponsors”

*Gasp* There’s a real live human behind those incredible designs!   Yeah, I know you know that.  What you may not know is what lurks in the minds of those creative items that fill their stores.  These are the folks who make the clothes we wear, the house we live in , the furniture that makes that house a home, the silly rideables that make us laugh and so much more.  In truth, it’s a good deal of hard work that goes into building in second life.  The rewards are far greater than the money. It’s the ability to create from the heart where the only limit is the imagination.

The talent spread around the grid is simply amazing, to say the least.  While there are a ton of designers out there, we want to help those who sponsor FAR Hunt Group hunts shine brighter than they already do.  This is why we are bringing you “Meet The Sponsor”, an interview with each sponsor and accompanying photo of their best design.  The questions are ours, the answers are theirs.

It’s our hope that you enjoy learning a bit more about the real life person who helps to design your virtual world.   Of course, we want you to go visit their shops and become fabulously loyal customers as well :)

Each sponsor’s spread can be viewed by selecting their name from the “Meet The Sponsors” heading at the top of the page.  Our first set of sponsors comes to you as the lead stores on the Carnival Days Hunt that begins on September 1st.   Isabella Trezuguet, owner Grim Death Co., Lucia Sorbel, owner Incendia Outdoors, and banking Aldrin, owner :::HOT STUFF::: are the first gracious souls to present themselves to you, our FHG readers.

Isabella Trezuguet – Grim Death Co

Lucie Scorbal – Incendia Outdoors

banking Aldrin – :::HOT STUFF:::


If there is a question you’d like answered by our sponsors, send it to me (Rowan Attis) inworld in a notecard or by email to  We will get it on the interview questions and bring you the information you are dying to know!

Countdown To Carnival Days

9 more days until the Carnival Days Hunt begins!  We are more than a little excited about this hunt.  The line up of merchants is outstanding which means you all are in for some fantastically fun goodies.  Currently there are 89 stores on the path, with 18 of those being our gracious sponsors.  Each hunt item will be L$5 and worth every little linden.  You can view the entire line up of stores here:

Carnival Days Hunt Merchant List

Note that it is subject to change as we do still have walk thru one more time before the start of the hunt on September 1st.   Thought we’d wet your whistle a little bit with a preview of our fine line of shops.

Breaking News

A few words from Ava:


Today is a fantastic day for FAR Hunt Group. We’re seeing record numbers in applications for the Carnival Days Hunt, we just ended another successful sales event, and are gearing up for the ridiculously exciting FHG Spooktacular sales event. But that’s not even the best part. The best part is that Rowan Attis has accepted the position and title of co-owner of FHG. She has my full support and confidence, and I know that together we can continue to make FHG a truly wonderful source for hunts and events.

FHG Spooktacular!

Event Dates: October 15th – 31st

Theme: NONE!

Location: FAR Hunt Group Plaza (or FHG Events Arena)

Entry Fee: L$100 *payable to Avari Carrasco upon acceptance. This fee helps offset the costs of advertising*

Guidelines for Merchants:

  • All items MUST be L$50 or less -NO EXCEPTIONS
  • 13 prims allotted to each merchant (they must remain on the tables or directly on the ground around the stall) —-
  • —No Scripted Vendors——-
  • Only one person per stall / cart.
  • ADULT items must be packaged in accordance with MODERATE ratings.
  • You must have a Mainstore with at least 20 items, made by you or your partner
  • No Business In a Box, Freebie or Noob Quality Items
  • No Affiliate Vendors Allowed

Application here:


During this 2 week event, we have a lot of fun things in store for you! From hunting a zombie, to looking for body parts, to secret treats we’ll spill our guts about later…. all ending with a huge costume party blowout bash on Halloween! There will be music, prizes, and more!

The Totally Incomplete Carnival Days Hunt Vendor List!

And when we say incomplete, we mean just that.  This list grows every day!! 

Lots of new and returning favorites, boatloads of quality. Really, we measured. Boatloads.
Kattitudes and Boneisms
Lyrieal’s Boutique
Cherokee Rose
An Lema
Chameleon Designs
:.::HOT STUFF::.:
::WetCat:: Builds&Poses
Dot-BE Fashion
Bound & Bitten
PDN’s Potpourri
Life Of Me
Syrenz Shadowz
bacidalucia village
Seductive Designs
Just Darling
Carriage Trade Miniature
Ruxy Design
Rotten Apple
Earth’s Bangles & Other Creations
ChiC buildings
1 Hundred.
RAWR! Mainstore
JSF Designs
Sheds n Shacks
Raven’s Heart
PA Designe
Creations Kitchens
Soul Effects
.:*Connaught Empire*:.
Background Check Textures
Out of the Trunk
Wilber’s Whimsical Wonders
.:Evilkyoot:. Designs
Le Forme
BlueStar Designs
incendia outdoors
.: Priscilla’s Attic :.
Fierce Designs
Devilish Designs
Grim Death Co.
Lustre Designs
PeKaS Design
Goddess Fantasies
Ginger’s Outdoor
Softouch Fashions
LoveCats Designs

If you’re looking to join this list, hit the Vendor Links page for our apps, guidelines and more.

The In & Out Fair! A Home and Garden Sales Event by FAR Hunt Group

What a fabulous event! We are totally thrilled to bring you some of the coolest home and garden trensts for your SL – and there’s something for everyone! Modern, classic, Goth, Petite, Contemporary, Boho… there’s even full-perm kits for you to create your own home and garden awesomeness! And everything is 50L or less!

Come visit the fair today! It’s only around till the 14th!