Sanctuary of Tormented Hearts

I love Roleplay, and SL is a perfect medium for creating and engaging in immersive storytelling, while surrounding yourself with visually stunning scenery and characters to interact with. Sanctuary of Tomented Hearts offers all of this, and you can find them at the upcoming Roleplay Expo, at the FAR Hunt Group Plaza from July 15th-July 31st


Recently, I had the chance to talk more with STH’s leona Silverfall, owner and fellow Roleplayer. 

Ava Runner: How and when did you first get itno roleplaying?

Leona Silverfall: I begin my roleplay career years ago, back when the chats on MSN were free. As you can imagine, everything was text based. We didn’t have the visual stimuli that SL offers and so, had to rely completely on our imaginations. It was there that I began my story of Kingdom of Crimson Sin. After about two weeks of consistent story-weaving, to my delight my room was found likable. We worked like clockwork. Every evening at the same time, I could always count on having a full house. I acquired steady RPers, admin and a number of close friends, some of which I still keep in contact with.

AR: What was the inspiration for creating your own RP sim?

LS: When a friend introduced me to SL–it was like a dream for me. The first thing I thought of, was my long gone rp chats. How marvelous it’d be to raise my beloved roleplay from the dead, restore what once was so great–and give it incarnation, a ‘physical’ form, for all to see and enjoy.

It took me perhaps less time than it did most–to submerge myself into all SL offered. My brain was a sponge. I watched others in sandboxes building–I experimented, and taught myself…all the while pining for my long lost roleplay. I made wonderful friends, that had the same creative hunger that I did. I began to look towards building, and roleplaying seriously then after learning the basics of SL. I explored SL thoroughly, looking for a place that was even just a tad similar to what I had envisioned those years ago. No luck, and it seemed as if every story I encountered was bland and stiff. There was no room for players to mould their own stories, let alone weave the roleplay’s story itself. It was then that I decided to bring my dream to life.


AR: Sanctuary of Tormented Hearts is a truly immersive world with an emphasis on interaction versus traditional combat. What prompted you to head in that direction?

LS: Medieval-esque RPG’s. There’s nothing like breaking a barrel, or ravishing a treasure chest on your favorite game. After seeing just what SL could offer–I was determined to give my players that same freedom, to encourage the urge to explore. A little personal interaction to bring interest to not only the sim and story, but their character’s daily lives.

AR: . How do you feel this affects roleplay as a whole?

LS: Such things are only tools to compliment roleplay. But I feel can be extremely helpful–and fun. What fun is there in defeating an enemy if you can not watch your av devour his head afterwards? (There really is an item that dispenses decapitated heads and various body parts! x3)

AR: The sim you have built is am impressive mix of stunning visuals and story-enhancing functionality. What were your inspirations for the design?

LS: I took a little inspiration from my favorite movies, and games, and absolutely Tim Burton. But too, I have a bit of a dark personality–and once I began building my evil empire, things seemed to flow naturally.


AR: What are some of your goals for Sanctuary? Where do you see it heading in the near future as wellas farther out?

LS: With anything that you’ve given birth to–your want it to flourish and prosper. I would like a stable player base, and a story moulded by my players’ interaction. I want my players to mesh ooc, and see the people in the groups as family not just another name, from another dark rp sim. I would like to expand my lands–multiple sims, with players seeing the roleplay as home. I have many goals for-=STH=- –and luckily a hand of wonderful, trustworthy and eager admin to help my sim along.

AR:  from a players perspective, what can one expect on their first visit to the sim?

LS: A warm welcoming. A tour of the lands, and absolute willingness to aid and assist from myself as well as my admin.

AR:  What kinds of characters, and the players controlling them, do you feel would do well here? What do you want to see more of?

LS: Most medieval honed chars are welcome. I would like to see more players though–that proactively begin their stories. Ones that are not afraid to interact, bring attention to themselves, cause roleplay conflicts and most importantly have genuine interest in being here. I think these are the types that best suit -=STH=-.


AR: With so many different races and classes wellcome, are there in-character professions and positions for them all? which ones need the most attention?

LS: We have a slew of occupations ranging from very high status to the lowest of low. I tried my best to include the important roles as well as the more insignifcant roles of the dark ages. All to give the sim diversity, and my players their choice. I am not opposed to creating a new occupation, if one of my players has their heart set on a particular one not listed.

I believe that all the roles are important to uphold. As if a player chooses not to play his role accordingly, it hinders the story from moving forward. I believe the lead roles are the ones that need the most attention. As with those, the player is usually in charge of several others. Cooperation is key.

AR: What would you like everyone to know about Sanctuary of Tormented Hearts that hasn’t been covered?

LS: While -=STH=- is a rp sim. We have a new club, for those that wish to take a break from roleplay. It’s a bit on the urban side, but fun and vibrant. I think opposed to the darkness of the roleplay area–it gives a change of scenery.


To learn more now, visit us! Observer Tags are available for checking out the action, and admins are always eager to answer your questions. 


About Ava Runner

Owner of Chaotic Creative Co-owner of FAR Concepts Founder of FAR Hunt Group, a division of FAR Concepts Contact: Avari Carrasco inworld.

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