Changes: What they mean for you

A few words from the Chief…


Change can be good. Change can be a source of renewal and inspiration. Change can be empowering. And at FAR Hunt Group, we are not immune to change…. Here’s what’s going on with FAR Hunt Group, and how it affects you.

Our hunt posters  contain group joiners, and you can find one at each of our participating vendor locations.

Our vendors work hard every day, and many of them are in  multiple hunts each month. to help ease the load on them and keeep them fresh and inspired, and to keep you wanting more, we’re moving our hunts and events to alternating months after July. This means August will see the Inside and OutsideHome and Garden Fair from 1st-14th, but no hunt that month. We weill, however, have a hunt in September, but no event.

Our fabulous blog team will be keeping you up to date on all our hunt items through each hunt!

And while we had a blast with the FAR Hunt Group Plaza, we’ll be scaling back operations there to provide our fabulous staffers with much needed office space, and of course, the staffer stores.

So here’s the new lineup,

July Hunt: Summer Vacation, 3L Vacation/Travel Theme (unchanged)
July Event: RP Expo 15th-31st (unchanged)

August Hunt: Like, Totally! 80’s Hunt: CANCELLED
August Event: Inside & Outside Home and Garden Fair 1st-14th (UNCHANGED)

September Hunt: Carnival Days Hunt (Unchanged)
September Event: No Event Scheduled

October Hunt: Long Live The Dead – New Format: MINI HUNT – 25 STORE MAX.
October Event: Long Live the Dead Spooktacular Sales Event & ZOMBIE HUNT (More Info Coming)

November Event: Make Your Holiday Special – A FULL PERM SALES EVENT

December Hunt: TBA – Format: MINI HUNT: 25 Store MAX, 2 Week Length
December Event: Secret Santa, FAR Hunt Group Holiday Party

January Hunt: TBD
January Event: TBD

February: Happy Birthday FAR Hunt Group!


Ava Runner, CEO FAR Hunt Group
(Avari Carrasco)


About Ava Runner

Owner of Chaotic Creative Co-owner of FAR Concepts Founder of FAR Hunt Group, a division of FAR Concepts Contact: Avari Carrasco inworld.

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