Mercury Rising: More Sneaky Peeks

It’s that time again, time for a sneak peek at the fab treats from our vendors this moth! 


Left: Men’s gift top from Chica Boom – Ladies Gift, leather leggings from Chica Boom – bracelet by Earth’s Bangles

Right: Leather Unisex outfit by Glide’s Gallery, Bracelet by Earth’s Bangles

And that thing on my hip? That is the coolest accessory you’re not wearing, the Kpod by Kattitudes and Boneisms. Has the thought “Golly, I sure could use my own theme song, that plays whenever i go for a walk!” ever crossed your mind? Of course it has, who wouldn’t want something that cool?? With the K-pod, you can have your favorite song as your theme music, wowing those around you as you move gracefully, or rock and roll your way across the grid. 

I love my Kpod. 


About Ava Runner

Owner of Chaotic Creative Co-owner of FAR Concepts Founder of FAR Hunt Group, a division of FAR Concepts Contact: Avari Carrasco inworld.

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