The El Cheapskate Impromptu Yardsale!

Since there was no scheduled sales event for June, we decided to open the courtyard up for a yardsale! the response was amazing. Within a few hours of the announcement, nearly all the stalls had been claimed, and most of them filled, by the various vendors within our group. Here’s a detailed list of everything on sale as of last night, Wednesday May 30th.

Be advised, the El Cheapskate will only be around till Thursday June 7th!

Moondancer Boutique (accessories)

Reverse French Nails 50L
French Filligrie nails 45
Tied Back nails (Corset ties detailing) 60L
Rave Nails 75L
Indian Bridal Nails 85L
Passion Nails 75L
Feather French Nails 75L
FAll Leaves Nails 50L
Black Valentine Nails 50?

Kattitudes & Boneisms (music)

Walking tunes: 25L
Usher: DJ Got Us Fallin in Love
Beyonce: Crazy In Love
Steppenwolf: Magic Carpet Ride
Echo & The Bunnymen: Lips Like Sugar
Kid Rock: Feel Like Making Love
Saving Abel: the Sex Is Good
Madonna: Music
Death Cab for Cutie: I will Possess Your Heart

-FARplay- (weapons and props)
m16 With Bayonet (Built in melee switcher) 150L
AUG-A3(Burst, semi, Full auto) 125L
Soultrap Staff (Burst, melee, built in switcher, prop) 150L
Gaea Staff (range/Melee/Prop) 150L
Acolyte Staff (range/Melee/Prop) 150L

Soul Effects (Landscaping)

Grotto (5 sits plus 1 cuddle, 42 prims) 50L
Pastel Shrooms (Set of 5 plus bonus, 1 prim each) 25L
Whimsy Shrooms (Set of 4) 25L
Shrooms (set of 6, 1 prim each) 35L
Bubble Bath (2 poses, 12 prims) 30L
Garden seat (3 cuddles, 3 sits, 25 prims) 50L
Luxury Bath in Cobalt 50L
Luxury Bath in Malachite 50L
Fur Lines onyz jewelled cuffs and collars 5L

Creamsicle (Clothing)

Embroidered Biker Jacket Fantasy Purple Dragon 350L
Embroidered Biker Jacket Cobra 350L
Embroidered Biker Vest Flaming Skull 275L
Embroidered Ladies Biker Vest Skull n Roses 275L
Tira Blue Swimsuit 225L
Tira Green Swimsuit 225L
Tropical Flowers Dress 300L
Hawaiian Blue Floral 225L
Aloha Hawiian Blue 225L
Aloha Hawiian Pink 225L

Asian Flair (Sculpts)
Chair 25L
Paper Lantern 10L
Sunburst 1 10L
Sunburst 2 10L
Fancy Lamp 10L
Chinese Characters 25L
Rising Sun shelves 3 25L


Scrump (skirt) 5L
Cut Me Up (top + pants) 1L
A Dream (top and pants) 5L
Jean Jeanie (top and pants) 5L
Grape Madness (Top, Pasties, pants) 5L
Dream On (MENS) (2 tops) 10L
Tribal (MENS) (top) 10L

Besos (Clothing)
Cropped MESH Navy Striped Sweater 99L
Bad Reputation Loose Tank MESH 99L
Strapless Top Cutesy 99L
Balloon Shorts Black MESH 99L
Blocked Skirt MESH 99L
Cheeta Skirt MESH 99L
Ankle Pants White MESH 99L
Paisley Romper MESH 99L
Erry Day Cropped Mesh Top 99L
Simplistic – 25L

FLOOD (SculptS)
Indoor Topiary 25L
1-prim stools (set of 3) 12L
Round top screw (regular and nano map) 30L
Baby Bottle 12L
Cupcake 12LElegant Wine Glass 12L
1-prim podium 30L

Charisma Designs (Fashion)

Alexander suit (MENS) 100L
Black Rose (Unisex) 50L
Dark christmas 100L
Taken (engraved dog tags) 100L
Red Silk Camisk 100L

Ancient + Modern
Blue Egyptian Egg chair 40L
Blue Egyptian Egg Table 25L
Blue Egyptian egg Rug 10L
Egyptian Purple Bud Vase 10L
Egyptian Turquiose bud Vase 10L
Egyptian blue Bangles 40L
Egyptian green Bangles 40L
Egyptian purple Bangles 40L

Goddess Fantasies Roleplay Clothing (clothing)

Goddess Rain (MENS) 50L
Goddess Raindrop fae 50L
Time For a Cure (Male and Female) 50L
Medieval Hunt Female 50L
Medieval Hunt Male 50L
GROUPGIFT – Goddess Fantasies – 0L


Floral Traditions Rug with Menu Driven Sex engine 99L
Grunge Pool Porn with Sex Engine 99L
Red Romance Bed w/ sex engine 499L
Cape Cod Bed w/ sex engine 499L
bleeding Hear Bed with sex engine 499L
Deep Blue Sea Victoria Collection with sex engine 499L
Westland Bedroom Complete bedroom with sex engine 499L
Vega Bed complete Bedroom 499L



About Ava Runner

Owner of Chaotic Creative Co-owner of FAR Concepts Founder of FAR Hunt Group, a division of FAR Concepts Contact: Avari Carrasco inworld.

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