MERCURY RISING Hint & SLurls *6/2*

-START- Goddess Fantasies

Well, at least there are hint givers at each location!

2 – Piddler’s Perch

Hint: Into everyone’s life a little water must fall

3 – :{MV}:
When all the world keeps moving, the Hint Giver will set you straight. By the way – You’ve got a fire in your eye.

(prim location subject to change)

4 – SKIP

5 – Softouch Fashions
Hint: Like all Planets, I can be found among my own kind.

6 – Earth’s Bangles

HInt  –  Look for my face…..

7 – Charisma Designs

Hint: As you climb higher, you will see me in the corner threatening to start the fire.

8- Galleria designs

Hint: sizzling hot between 2 bikinis…

9 – Lyrieals
Hint: Is their home as hot as me?

10 – PDN’s Potpourri

Hint: I bet those fire bowls give off alot of heat

11 – MS Artifacto

There are sales on ground but the special sales are always on table up above.

12 – SHEY Fashion

HINT: Have you seen YONCA?

13 – IB Designs
(MAY CONTAIN EXPLICIT CONTENT, If easily offended by erotic art, SKIP TO #14

Hint: All this KNEELING is rough on this ole flame……

14 – Loordes of London

Hint:Omg the sunlight is so hot by these windows

15 – SKIP

16 – Unforgettable Temptations

Hint: its hot over here,but it can get lonely,spin my heart around and you’ll love it here.

17 – [dirty..little.secret]

Hint: Rosaries come in such pretty colors!

18 – Branyds Boutique

“Ingrid’s on fire!”

19 – Grumble

Hint-He has many legs.

20 – *Finishing Touches*
HINT: When the mercury rises, grab a FAN!

21 & 22 – Glide’s Gallery/H&S
MRH #21 – Glide’s Gallery Hint: mmmm i like the cowboy hat’s

MRH #22 – Heart & Soul Design hint: new arrivals


The Mercury is Rising
Things are getting hot
But don’t just stand and wiggle your hips
to find the gift
You’ll need to look for FOUR LIPS

24- Tree House Treasures

25 – The Jewellery Exchange

Hint: Take a trip to ‘VENICE’ under the golden vendor

26 – Future Vision Art Gallery

Well, at least there are hint givers at each location!

27 – Mm. Textures

Hint: Did you say luck could find you sitting down?

28- Echoes of the Past Designs
Hint: Did you say luck could find you sitting down?

29 – RnB Designs
Hint: is in hint giver

30 – Katitudes and Boneisms
The Cellar is usually the coldest place but these ones are HOT HOT HOT

31 – Moondance Boutique

Hint: Cake is available for both men and women, however The cake is a Lie

32 – Creamsicle

Hint: The mercury rises when in hell, but in my store look for the death and heat.

33 – The Sacred Roze

34 – Tae’s Creationss
Hint: Don’t let the lines get to you.

35 – Ginger’s Outdoor
Hint: The Mercury is rising so cool off dockside.

36 – elephante poses
“Mirror, Mirror what do you see, fire burns to the core of thee.”

37 – Chica Boom

Hint:Look for me ’cause im Luscious.

38 – 2KILL4 & 2Dream Poses

39 – -FARplay-
When your skin is this hot, just rest under a shady tree.

40 – FAR Concepts

Being a member is not without its privileges.


About Ava Runner

Owner of Chaotic Creative Co-owner of FAR Concepts Founder of FAR Hunt Group, a division of FAR Concepts Contact: Avari Carrasco inworld.

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