Glance Into “The Look Fair”

Ya’ll remember that song, “She’s Got The Look”?  Or is it just me that’s showing age by even admitting to that knowledge? Oh well, so be it!  It’s your time to shine, give some glitz and glam to your appearance with a new skin, a new hair do or hide behind the shades for that mysterious look.  What’s better is doing it for cheap!  Yup, The Look Fair is in full swing and the bargains are to die for!!  Here’s a little peeky at a few of the goodies you can pick up and put on to feel “ooo laalaa lovely”

Pearl & Opal Dreams Bracelet – The Pumpkin Head

Tang Poetry Sneakers – CHICA BOOM

Clodin Blue Jeans & Selena Pink Tank – Hot Stuff May Group Gift

Blues Highway Sunglasses “Blue w/ Rhinestones – [dirty.little.secret]

The Look Fair::05 Cinnamon Cake Skin – ~ pixystix~

Pearl & Blue Opal Dreams Earrings – The Pumpkin Head

Pearl & Opal Dreams Necklace & Bracelet – The Pumpkin Head

Aberdeen Draped Steel Blue Lame Top – Loordes Of London

     Just a few treats from Charisma Designs

The amount of goodness from these merchants and many more awaits you!  The LOOK Fair is the shopping spree that will make you feel like a million bucks for L$50 and less a pop!!

The LOOK Fair runs til May 31st but no need to wait!

The Look Fair Venue


About Rowan

A character among the human race whose face is masked by a beautiful skin, whose clothes give no evidence of economic status, finds adventure beneath the sea and above the earth, one whose mind needn't always be rational, whose feet don't always plant firmly to the ground, whose heart is as large as the grid and finds room for sharing with but one. Rowan is but a virtual extension of me.

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