Life in Bloom Hunt Prize Preview!

The Life in Bloom Hunt is in full swing, and it’s only been a week! I’m here to bring you a preview of some of these “flutterly” beautiful prize previews from some of the shops. Haha! Get it? Flutterly as in butterfly? –facepalms- That was supposed to be a spring joke.. Anyways, shall we continue?


I’ll be covering Urban Chic Couture, Lapo’s, Lyreal’s Shey and MS Artifacto’s in this post, and let me tell you folks, they say the clothes make the person, well these definitely make you stand out and shine as bright as the sun. As you’re all out there hunting, I’m right alongside of you finding all these same wonderful gifts.



This is UCC’s May Flowers Dress, lovely in shades of a robin’s egg blue, with sleek matching shoes. Accessorizing your waist is a bunch of flowers that coincide with the bouquet on top of your head. If you look closely enough, though on minimal layers, this dress has a lot of detail, buttons, a crop top jacket and a lace under layer on the skirt part. It also has a very vintage sort of feel to it.



If you don’t have an allergy to flowers, or pollen, I suggest you get this dress; it’s nothing but flowers from head to toe! Lovely purple flowers to go on a contrasted light moss and pale green fabric, it’s nothing but fabulous!



What says spring, but the color white? I think that’s what Shey’s dress, Melda is trying to convey, with its retro 70s vibe with the pink, yellow and orange flowers. With its cute little flirty skirt to show off those gorgeous gams you ladies all got, there’s also a little brown leather belt with a rose accent on it to show off how tiny your waist is. Go out there and find it, I know you want to!



From MS Artifacto we got a lovely green swoop neck dress coming at you with a sheer skirt. It’s called Dreams ladies, so you know when you’re out there strutting your stuff in the spring time sun, those men whose eyes you’re trying to catch will be wishing they were with you.



Do you remember as kids, those fluffy white dandelions with the wispy feather like seeds you’d blow off? Well Lyreal’s Hay Seed outfit features them! What a way to keep them with you, and revisit the days of lazing around in your yard surrounded by those fluffy cloud flowers? The top is a V-neck tee that features a picture of the seeds, matched up with a purple jean with the seeds all up and down your legs, simple, cute and easily accessorized, ladies.


Go out and get these gifts today! The official hunt list can be found on this blog as well, you only have so long to get them, so get them while you can!

Correspondent Kittie, signing off..For now.


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SecondLife user, and blogger.

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