The El Cheapskate Impromptu Yardsale!

Since there was no scheduled sales event for June, we decided to open the courtyard up for a yardsale! the response was amazing. Within a few hours of the announcement, nearly all the stalls had been claimed, and most of them filled, by the various vendors within our group. Here’s a detailed list of everything on sale as of last night, Wednesday May 30th.

Be advised, the El Cheapskate will only be around till Thursday June 7th!

Moondancer Boutique (accessories)

Reverse French Nails 50L
French Filligrie nails 45
Tied Back nails (Corset ties detailing) 60L
Rave Nails 75L
Indian Bridal Nails 85L
Passion Nails 75L
Feather French Nails 75L
FAll Leaves Nails 50L
Black Valentine Nails 50?

Kattitudes & Boneisms (music)

Walking tunes: 25L
Usher: DJ Got Us Fallin in Love
Beyonce: Crazy In Love
Steppenwolf: Magic Carpet Ride
Echo & The Bunnymen: Lips Like Sugar
Kid Rock: Feel Like Making Love
Saving Abel: the Sex Is Good
Madonna: Music
Death Cab for Cutie: I will Possess Your Heart

-FARplay- (weapons and props)
m16 With Bayonet (Built in melee switcher) 150L
AUG-A3(Burst, semi, Full auto) 125L
Soultrap Staff (Burst, melee, built in switcher, prop) 150L
Gaea Staff (range/Melee/Prop) 150L
Acolyte Staff (range/Melee/Prop) 150L

Soul Effects (Landscaping)

Grotto (5 sits plus 1 cuddle, 42 prims) 50L
Pastel Shrooms (Set of 5 plus bonus, 1 prim each) 25L
Whimsy Shrooms (Set of 4) 25L
Shrooms (set of 6, 1 prim each) 35L
Bubble Bath (2 poses, 12 prims) 30L
Garden seat (3 cuddles, 3 sits, 25 prims) 50L
Luxury Bath in Cobalt 50L
Luxury Bath in Malachite 50L
Fur Lines onyz jewelled cuffs and collars 5L

Creamsicle (Clothing)

Embroidered Biker Jacket Fantasy Purple Dragon 350L
Embroidered Biker Jacket Cobra 350L
Embroidered Biker Vest Flaming Skull 275L
Embroidered Ladies Biker Vest Skull n Roses 275L
Tira Blue Swimsuit 225L
Tira Green Swimsuit 225L
Tropical Flowers Dress 300L
Hawaiian Blue Floral 225L
Aloha Hawiian Blue 225L
Aloha Hawiian Pink 225L

Asian Flair (Sculpts)
Chair 25L
Paper Lantern 10L
Sunburst 1 10L
Sunburst 2 10L
Fancy Lamp 10L
Chinese Characters 25L
Rising Sun shelves 3 25L


Scrump (skirt) 5L
Cut Me Up (top + pants) 1L
A Dream (top and pants) 5L
Jean Jeanie (top and pants) 5L
Grape Madness (Top, Pasties, pants) 5L
Dream On (MENS) (2 tops) 10L
Tribal (MENS) (top) 10L

Besos (Clothing)
Cropped MESH Navy Striped Sweater 99L
Bad Reputation Loose Tank MESH 99L
Strapless Top Cutesy 99L
Balloon Shorts Black MESH 99L
Blocked Skirt MESH 99L
Cheeta Skirt MESH 99L
Ankle Pants White MESH 99L
Paisley Romper MESH 99L
Erry Day Cropped Mesh Top 99L
Simplistic – 25L

FLOOD (SculptS)
Indoor Topiary 25L
1-prim stools (set of 3) 12L
Round top screw (regular and nano map) 30L
Baby Bottle 12L
Cupcake 12LElegant Wine Glass 12L
1-prim podium 30L

Charisma Designs (Fashion)

Alexander suit (MENS) 100L
Black Rose (Unisex) 50L
Dark christmas 100L
Taken (engraved dog tags) 100L
Red Silk Camisk 100L

Ancient + Modern
Blue Egyptian Egg chair 40L
Blue Egyptian Egg Table 25L
Blue Egyptian egg Rug 10L
Egyptian Purple Bud Vase 10L
Egyptian Turquiose bud Vase 10L
Egyptian blue Bangles 40L
Egyptian green Bangles 40L
Egyptian purple Bangles 40L

Goddess Fantasies Roleplay Clothing (clothing)

Goddess Rain (MENS) 50L
Goddess Raindrop fae 50L
Time For a Cure (Male and Female) 50L
Medieval Hunt Female 50L
Medieval Hunt Male 50L
GROUPGIFT – Goddess Fantasies – 0L


Floral Traditions Rug with Menu Driven Sex engine 99L
Grunge Pool Porn with Sex Engine 99L
Red Romance Bed w/ sex engine 499L
Cape Cod Bed w/ sex engine 499L
bleeding Hear Bed with sex engine 499L
Deep Blue Sea Victoria Collection with sex engine 499L
Westland Bedroom Complete bedroom with sex engine 499L
Vega Bed complete Bedroom 499L



MERCURY RISING Hint & SLurls *6/2*

-START- Goddess Fantasies

Well, at least there are hint givers at each location!

2 – Piddler’s Perch

Hint: Into everyone’s life a little water must fall

3 – :{MV}:
When all the world keeps moving, the Hint Giver will set you straight. By the way – You’ve got a fire in your eye.

(prim location subject to change)

4 – SKIP

5 – Softouch Fashions
Hint: Like all Planets, I can be found among my own kind.

6 – Earth’s Bangles

HInt  –  Look for my face…..

7 – Charisma Designs

Hint: As you climb higher, you will see me in the corner threatening to start the fire.

8- Galleria designs

Hint: sizzling hot between 2 bikinis…

9 – Lyrieals
Hint: Is their home as hot as me?

10 – PDN’s Potpourri

Hint: I bet those fire bowls give off alot of heat

11 – MS Artifacto

There are sales on ground but the special sales are always on table up above.

12 – SHEY Fashion

HINT: Have you seen YONCA?

13 – IB Designs
(MAY CONTAIN EXPLICIT CONTENT, If easily offended by erotic art, SKIP TO #14

Hint: All this KNEELING is rough on this ole flame……

14 – Loordes of London

Hint:Omg the sunlight is so hot by these windows

15 – SKIP

16 – Unforgettable Temptations

Hint: its hot over here,but it can get lonely,spin my heart around and you’ll love it here.

17 – [dirty..little.secret]

Hint: Rosaries come in such pretty colors!

18 – Branyds Boutique

“Ingrid’s on fire!”

19 – Grumble

Hint-He has many legs.

20 – *Finishing Touches*
HINT: When the mercury rises, grab a FAN!

21 & 22 – Glide’s Gallery/H&S
MRH #21 – Glide’s Gallery Hint: mmmm i like the cowboy hat’s

MRH #22 – Heart & Soul Design hint: new arrivals


The Mercury is Rising
Things are getting hot
But don’t just stand and wiggle your hips
to find the gift
You’ll need to look for FOUR LIPS

24- Tree House Treasures

25 – The Jewellery Exchange

Hint: Take a trip to ‘VENICE’ under the golden vendor

26 – Future Vision Art Gallery

Well, at least there are hint givers at each location!

27 – Mm. Textures

Hint: Did you say luck could find you sitting down?

28- Echoes of the Past Designs
Hint: Did you say luck could find you sitting down?

29 – RnB Designs
Hint: is in hint giver

30 – Katitudes and Boneisms
The Cellar is usually the coldest place but these ones are HOT HOT HOT

31 – Moondance Boutique

Hint: Cake is available for both men and women, however The cake is a Lie

32 – Creamsicle

Hint: The mercury rises when in hell, but in my store look for the death and heat.

33 – The Sacred Roze

34 – Tae’s Creationss
Hint: Don’t let the lines get to you.

35 – Ginger’s Outdoor
Hint: The Mercury is rising so cool off dockside.

36 – elephante poses
“Mirror, Mirror what do you see, fire burns to the core of thee.”

37 – Chica Boom

Hint:Look for me ’cause im Luscious.

38 – 2KILL4 & 2Dream Poses

39 – -FARplay-
When your skin is this hot, just rest under a shady tree.

40 – FAR Concepts

Being a member is not without its privileges.

July’s Hunt – Summer Vacation Info & App



This is a 3L with no pre-determined store limit.

Application Deadline: June 15

hunt Poster available upon acceptance
Vendor Kits released June 16th

Hint Cards should be turned in no later than June 25th.

Quality stores only, with quality items. If you are a reseller, if you regurgitate freebies, if you slap a few prims together and throw it in a box, this is not the hunt for you.

*** There Is NO HUNT OBJECT for this hunt. Set your hunt gift out as you would any normal item for sale, set for 3L. Hunters will look for THAT item, based on your clue. *****

Hunt gifts must be unisex, or you must provide a male and female option.

*****Please delete the blocks of text above this line before turning in application. Submitting your application means you have read the above, and agree to the terms of enrollment******.
Rename application to SUMMER APP – Your Store – Your Name
(Do not forget to delete the large block of text above. )

SUMMER VACATION Hunt Application:

Hunt is scheduled to run from July 1st to July 31st. If you cannot commit to this length of time, please speak with me. there will be a central Hunt Gift Location for those who need it.


Your SL Name:

Your Display Name (What you prefer to be addressed):

Your Store Name:

Are you the owner? If not, what is your title:

Secondary contact (not required, but helpful)

Sim Rating: (G, Moderate, Adult)



What do you Sell? (write SOMEthing. “various” or “lots of stuff” will result in a deleted app.)

Will your gift be Full Perm or limited-perm?

Please include images of two of your most recent hunt items.
NOTE: You must remain a member of the Hunt group for the duration of the Hunt. and you MUST read notices completely.

Incomplete applications WILL be immediately rejected. Please fill out each section fully and completely.

Glance Into “The Look Fair”

Ya’ll remember that song, “She’s Got The Look”?  Or is it just me that’s showing age by even admitting to that knowledge? Oh well, so be it!  It’s your time to shine, give some glitz and glam to your appearance with a new skin, a new hair do or hide behind the shades for that mysterious look.  What’s better is doing it for cheap!  Yup, The Look Fair is in full swing and the bargains are to die for!!  Here’s a little peeky at a few of the goodies you can pick up and put on to feel “ooo laalaa lovely”

Pearl & Opal Dreams Bracelet – The Pumpkin Head

Tang Poetry Sneakers – CHICA BOOM

Clodin Blue Jeans & Selena Pink Tank – Hot Stuff May Group Gift

Blues Highway Sunglasses “Blue w/ Rhinestones – [dirty.little.secret]

The Look Fair::05 Cinnamon Cake Skin – ~ pixystix~

Pearl & Blue Opal Dreams Earrings – The Pumpkin Head

Pearl & Opal Dreams Necklace & Bracelet – The Pumpkin Head

Aberdeen Draped Steel Blue Lame Top – Loordes Of London

     Just a few treats from Charisma Designs

The amount of goodness from these merchants and many more awaits you!  The LOOK Fair is the shopping spree that will make you feel like a million bucks for L$50 and less a pop!!

The LOOK Fair runs til May 31st but no need to wait!

The Look Fair Venue

The Roleplay Expo – Information and Vendor App

EVENT: The Roleplay Expo
DESCRIPTION: Sales Event for the RP community: Avatars, props, poses – All the things that make your RP richer and fuller.
DATES: July 15th-31st
COST: 100L


The Fairground at Goddess Fantasies Roleplay Clothing will be the location of choice for The Expo It will be set up with booths for each vendor, with billboards for the advertising of RP sims, Additional vendors, and FAR Hunt Group VIPs and Plaza vendors.

The event is limited to 25 vendors.

Merchant Information –

15 prims maximum
No scripted vendors
Set to Full Bright

Billboard rental information:
Detailed NC about your sim,

A list of bloggers covering the event will be provided for all who wish to take advantage of the exposure. To have your items viewed and reviewed create a box, titlel it “Store Name – Your Name – RP Expo” and distribute it personally to the bloggers on the list.

Exclusive items to The RP Expo are not necessary, however having an exclusive item or two can lead to more visitors which means more opportunity to gain new customers for you..

**Absolutely NO business in a box, Resellers or Regurgitated Freebies.**

We hope you consider joining us!

Please fill out the below application and return it to Avari Carrasco or Tattoo Lane. Entry Fee Is Due Upon Acceptance



Store Name:

Are you the owner? If not, what is your position and what is the owners name?





You will recieve confirmation of receipt of your application. A member of the team will visit your store to approve you. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation, and your entry fee will be due upon approval. Once paid, you will be given a Welcome package containing blogger information and more.


-0nly one person to application per store.
-You will be able to place 15 prims.
-All items must be priced 50L or less.
-No scripts in vendors.
-Do not set prims outside allotted space.
-Limit scripts.
-No Copyrighted Images. …
-You must have a main store, all items in store must be made by you or partner. NO resale items in store.
-You main store have at least 25 items for sale.

Entry Fee of 100L due upon acceptance.

Applications are to be sent to – Avari Carrasco or Tattoo Lane

The Look Fair – Merchant List (updated 5/10)

There is still plenty of time to get a vendor application filled out and sent in for this fantastic event.  To help ya out with finding the information, just click here!! It’ll take you right to the merchant information and application to get you on the list.  Thus far the following fantastic merchants have done the deed and gotten their spot claimed.  We are thrilled to have them aboard and sure hope to have more join the ranks for “The Look Fair – Wow Your Wardrobe” event.  It runs from May 15th until May 31st.

Merchants & Their Inworld Stores with Slurls ~~

Crazy Ibor – CHICA BOOM
Coleen Macarthur – Loordes of London
Swansan secretspy – WOW Skins
Khayman Karlsvalt – Amour Fashions
Tai Kenin – Charisma Designs
Pixy Snook – PixyStix
Esra Carissa – [E.C.] Jeweler
Xenobia Foxclaw – Xen’s Hats
Dandara Swords – THE PUMPKIN HEAD
Lyric Derryth – blah.BLAH.blah
Kathrin Dassin – Moondancer Boutique
Tash Porthos – [dirty.little.secret]
Mytania Resident – ~*[StunneD]*~
Earth Nirvana – Earth’s Bangles
GiGi Ponnier – NVious
Luciana Button – *Anymore
Emmira Resident – Envyme

We will keep updating the list as more merchants sign on to give you shoppers the Look that will Wow Your Wardrobe!

Life in Bloom Hunt Prize Preview!

The Life in Bloom Hunt is in full swing, and it’s only been a week! I’m here to bring you a preview of some of these “flutterly” beautiful prize previews from some of the shops. Haha! Get it? Flutterly as in butterfly? –facepalms- That was supposed to be a spring joke.. Anyways, shall we continue?


I’ll be covering Urban Chic Couture, Lapo’s, Lyreal’s Shey and MS Artifacto’s in this post, and let me tell you folks, they say the clothes make the person, well these definitely make you stand out and shine as bright as the sun. As you’re all out there hunting, I’m right alongside of you finding all these same wonderful gifts.



This is UCC’s May Flowers Dress, lovely in shades of a robin’s egg blue, with sleek matching shoes. Accessorizing your waist is a bunch of flowers that coincide with the bouquet on top of your head. If you look closely enough, though on minimal layers, this dress has a lot of detail, buttons, a crop top jacket and a lace under layer on the skirt part. It also has a very vintage sort of feel to it.



If you don’t have an allergy to flowers, or pollen, I suggest you get this dress; it’s nothing but flowers from head to toe! Lovely purple flowers to go on a contrasted light moss and pale green fabric, it’s nothing but fabulous!



What says spring, but the color white? I think that’s what Shey’s dress, Melda is trying to convey, with its retro 70s vibe with the pink, yellow and orange flowers. With its cute little flirty skirt to show off those gorgeous gams you ladies all got, there’s also a little brown leather belt with a rose accent on it to show off how tiny your waist is. Go out there and find it, I know you want to!



From MS Artifacto we got a lovely green swoop neck dress coming at you with a sheer skirt. It’s called Dreams ladies, so you know when you’re out there strutting your stuff in the spring time sun, those men whose eyes you’re trying to catch will be wishing they were with you.



Do you remember as kids, those fluffy white dandelions with the wispy feather like seeds you’d blow off? Well Lyreal’s Hay Seed outfit features them! What a way to keep them with you, and revisit the days of lazing around in your yard surrounded by those fluffy cloud flowers? The top is a V-neck tee that features a picture of the seeds, matched up with a purple jean with the seeds all up and down your legs, simple, cute and easily accessorized, ladies.


Go out and get these gifts today! The official hunt list can be found on this blog as well, you only have so long to get them, so get them while you can!

Correspondent Kittie, signing off..For now.