The Look Fair


In short –
EVENT: The Look Fair – Wow Your Wardrobe
DESCRIPTION: Accessories Sale: Jewelry, shoes, skins, shapes, hair, everything that adds the WOW to your wardrobe
DATES: May 15th-31st
COST: 100L
(FAR Hunt Group VIP Vendors: 50L)

Application Deadline: May 5th
Now for your time to read full detail about The Fair.

Upcoming May 15th – May 31st we have The Look Fair coming at you from the FAR Hunt Group. This fair will be dealing in the sale of goods ranging from hair and accessories, to skins and shapes for people looking to add a massive amount of the WOW factor to their wardrobes.

Looking to add something special, or just to change up your everyday look a little? Well then the FAR Shopping Center on the aforementioned days will be your sweet spot to hit! There will be something for everyone, excluding no one, so come peruse our wares and hope something catches your eye.

The Shopping Center will be set up with multiple stations for merchants to set out their apparel, each station will be non-scripted, 1.5 m x 1.5 m and set to full bright to catch the shoppers’ attention. There will be multiple areas, so be sure that when you purchase your station it’s in the right area for your products. You get the choices of hair, skins, shapes, jewelry, make up and the like. Merchants have 15 prims set to make their shop look WOW-tastic for the selling.

There will be a list of bloggers covering the event provided to merchants looking to get that extra oomph on exposure. To get said exposure you will need to create a box, title it “Store Name – Your name – Look Fair” and distribute to the bloggers on the list.
There will be none of the following allowed:
•    Businesses in a box
•    Rehashed, regurgitated freebies
•    Reseller boxes

If you’re interested in an application to be allowed into The Look Fair contact Avari Carrasco inworld, And an application fee will be due upon your acceptance.


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