Salutations from Kittie

This is to be my first post to introduce myself to y’all, and in the title I guess I kind of did do that. Ha  ha ha. Any who as you can see I’m a blogger and in-world I also do hunts, and DJ, and occasionally I like to mess around with building things. I’m always up for a few jokes, whether they are sarcastically witty or just straight up stupid, a joke’s a joke and whatever happens will happen.

Everyone has a way to express themselves, and I do that any way I possibly can, from changing my look, to writing something up or simply by Photoshop or something. I’m also a bookworm, and a full time college student, going for my paralegal degree, and almost all my free time during the day is spent in-world exploring and terrorizing my friend’s shops, like Lokii’s, she’s afraid of my caterpillar, LOL.

Now, onto the best part of my first post, the excitement! Yes, I’m so excited to be able to blog for people other than myself, this group of people that I’ve so far met seems totally awesome, and I can’t wait to get right to work, posting photos, and commentary, and showcasing all of the wonderful things to come.

It has been lovely meeting y’all, and I will be seeing you again soon.




About Kittie Oxidor

SecondLife user, and blogger.

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