Class Unparalleled – Carissma Jester

With the patience of a saint, an understanding heart, and an optimistic outlook, Carissma Jester navigates the grid with a smile, creating beauty and sharing it with those eager to brighten up their second lives. Her empire, Soul effects, is a wonder to stroll through, and her hunt gifts are always generous,


What was the inspiration for your shop name?

Soul Effects Started out with 3 Friends building together for fun, it was the effects of our souls being so intertwined. Both of my friends are still around but rarely build anymore for SE, so now I am the owner, they participate when needed or available.

Speaking of inspiration, where do you draw yours from?

I love the outdoors, and I own a marketing firm in RL, so I draw from both experiences when creating landscaping and business. I love to research flowers and create unique animated scenes to match real life. I find when I am driving around I look at flowers and trees and find ways to bring it into SL.

What first drew you to creating, and was it something you came to naturally? Any training in it?

I had very little training, a friend helped me learn some basics, what drew me in was just wanting to create things how I wanted them, not just buy them. I wanted to do something different, unique and something to enhance our Second Lives.

Over time, your style has evolved and grown. How would you characterize where you’re at, from a design perspective today?

With one word I would say .. Whimsical….I am searching ways to bring fun, innovative and unique landscaping animated scenes and designs.

What are some of your favorite pieces that you’ve created and why?

Over 100 fields of flowers, my best sellers are the 40×20 fields of realistic flowers. And my animated Scenes, like the couples picnic, Animated Couples Cherry tree with picnic, swing, etc.

Tell me about your hunt prize. With as little or as much detail as you want to give, how did you come to chose the design you went with?

It is Big…and so many love them I made a new design just for the hunt. Nobody else has seen it or can buy it yet..

If you had to pick one item that showcases your talents best, and really tells the world who you are, what would it be and why?

Just walk through the many fields of flowers, trees and scenes…I cannot pick just one field of flowers, but they are definately my favorite.

If this isn’t your first hunt, what drew you to them to begin with? What do you enjoy about them?

Well like any store hunts are a great traffic builder, and they are a labor of love. I have done dozens if not hundreds of hunts, I enjoy getting the messages from hunters saying thank you and how much they love the item and show appreciation, then you know they really liked it!



About Ava Runner

Owner of Chaotic Creative Co-owner of FAR Concepts Founder of FAR Hunt Group, a division of FAR Concepts Contact: Avari Carrasco inworld.

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