A Bit of a Breather


What a crazy few weeks it has been for the staff of FAR Hunt Group. Since our last post, the FAR Hunt Group Shopping Center has moved to a smaller and fore functional space, and everyone there is in the process of restocking. Tattoo Lane, who has accepted the positions of Executive Assistant, and i have been developing new business opportunities and benefits for our vendors, and we’ve also been hard at work planning our next events – An accessories fair,  a home and garden show, and a model competition.

Several of the vendors have this week’s sale items out already, so please come check out the new location in Prosperity Land. 

More on each of these events will be posted today.

In the hunt world, Spring Showers is still going strong and we are now taking applications for Life In Bloom.

More soon,



About Ava Runner

Owner of Chaotic Creative Co-owner of FAR Concepts Founder of FAR Hunt Group, a division of FAR Concepts Contact: Avari Carrasco inworld.

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