Introducing An Old Friend

Lokii Violet and I go way back. So when she agreed to join the FAR Hunt  Group, I was thrilled have the opportunity to work with her. Her work is dark, sexy, edgy, and sophisticated, and has long been among my favorites, Each item she creates is a dream, and reflects her joy and love for creating, as well as her abundant talent. Please join me in welcoming my old friend Loks to the FAR family.

What was the inspiration for your shop name? 

It’s kind of silly really. I’m still a gamer geek at heart and some still call it by the old name, Malfean Visions. Malfeas was an umbral realm in the world of darkness games; take all the darker presenses of the world, the devil on your shoulder, that bad whisper on your ear, and ball it into an ethereal world beyond the physical world. Something dark, something spooky, and something alternative than the norm. I had to give a small tribute to sillier times.

Speaking of inspiration, where do you draw yours from?
Music first and foremost. Music’s a universal language, and I DJ on the side on here. Amazing what sound can do to stimulate the mind when you’re looking at patterns or real life.

What first drew you to creating, and was it something you came to naturally? Any training in it?
I’m a Vis Com freelancer in Real, so when a friend told me about SL I just kinda hit the ground running to try different things. I’d look up some basic tutorials and go from there, try new techniques with ones I acquired on my own with always toying in Photoshop.

Over time, your style has evolved and grown. How would you characterize where you’re at, from a design perspective today?
Far from stopping. =D It’s either a personal quirk or nightmare, I always have to try new things. I still love making shoes and will never give that up, but I used to be terrified of furniture and other bits and doodads, that’s the latest adventure.

What are some of your favorite pieces that you’ve created and why?
One of the most recent is the Snakepeel series of boots I did. I’ve got a soft spot for leathers and scale patterns and the way they turned out with the carbon fiber accent tickled me pink. But I think honestly one of my favorites is the Serenity fountains. Just something about them has a calming effect.

Tell me about your hunt prize. With as little or as much detail as you want to give, how did you come to chose the design you went with?
It’s stuff. And things. *nodnod* One thing about hunt prizes, I usually never give too many tells about it until right before a hunt, my VIPs usually get a sneak peek and early heads up, but I always try to play with different ideas whatever the theme may be.

If you had to pick one item that showcases your talents best, and really tells the world who you are, what would it be and why?
Man.. I don’t even know what it’d be to be honest. I make so many shoes I’d name one then a week later I’d have a new favorite and a new ‘me.’

My first was of all things.. the Twisted Hunt. The phrase that inspires hatred and fear in a lot of grid hunters both new and seasoned veterans, and it was the first one I was in as a merchant. It kind of set the standard to me from day one what to expect at full-tilt insanity, keeping with deadlines, and pulling tricks. It really made my store what it is and put me on the map, and with some amazing, truly amazing people on SL I probably would have never had a real opportunity to talk with and hang out learning new tricks of the trade.
Some people will say merchants only do it for traffic. I do it for the fun, and the chance to meet new crazy individuals. If they walk away with a good time I consider that a job done right. Plus it gives me new ways to test my mind on what to create which is always a bonus.

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Owner of Chaotic Creative Co-owner of FAR Concepts Founder of FAR Hunt Group, a division of FAR Concepts Contact: Avari Carrasco inworld.

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