For February: The What Love Creates Hunt

This hunt is scheduled to run from February 1st  to Frebruary 14th.

Application Deadline: January 15th.

Application Management: Annje Vandeverre

Theme: What Love Creates

Size Limit: 50 vendors – 35 spaces reserved for full-perm content creators and builders, 15 reserved for all others.

Starting point: TBA

Hunt Order: First Ready


For Vendors:


  • Applications must be complete. Incomplete applications will be deleted.
  • Applications sent in after the deadline will be held for fill-ins.
  • No Adult sims, please. There will be a separate hunt specifically for Adult sims and Adult content stores.
  • One store, one spot. If you have multiple locations, please choose only one location to participate.


  • Vendors must create a new item specific to the theme of this hunt. It must not be made available for sale or given away during the hunt, for the duration of the hunt.
  • Hunt prizes should be genderless, or you will need to provide a male and a female friendly gift.
  • No BIAB or resellers please, original content only.


  • First Ready – If you were the 27th person to hand in your completed application, but you were the first one ready (hunt prim in place, walkthrough completed, ready to roll), you get a better spot than the store that submits their application first, but isn’t ready.


  • Thing happen. If you need to drop out of the hunt, PLEASE notify Avari Carrasco, Falkner69 Runner, or Annje Vandeverre. This way, we can work around your store’s absence without too much disruption to the hunt.
  • Dropping from one hunt will not affect your chances of participating in others. Dropping from two will. You will not get the opportunity to drop from a third.
  • Vendors will be invited to the FAR Hunt Group, and must remain group  members until the hunt is over. You are welcome to remain a group member in order to receive advance notice of new hunts and upcoming events.
  • Communication with vendors will happen largely through the group.


  • Vendors who are accepted will recieve a Vendor Welcome Package, which will include a Placeholder Hunt Prim, Hunt Sign, and information.
  • You must place the sign once you are accepted.
  • Vendors will need to place the placeholder hunt prim prior to walkthrough.
  • Prim must not be placed inside other prims, recolored, or altered in any way without prior authorization.
  • Prim must be in place for initial walkthrough. It can be removed after, as long as it is in place again for the final walkthrough.
  • You are allowed to place decoy hunt prims, but no more than three.
  • You are allowed to change the hunt prim location twice through the duration of the hunt. Changed locations require a new hint, which will be added to the hint page as soon as possible.
  • When in doubt, ask. Offline messages are sent to email, but IM’s cap, so please leave a detailed notecard.


  • Till January 15th – Applications sorted
  • January 16th – Last vendor packages sent
  • January 20th – Initial walkthroughs scheduled
  • January 22nd – Final hunt sign and prim sent
  • January 25th – Final walkthrough scheduled
  • Hunt begins 12:000 a.m. February 1st
  • Hunt ends February 14th 11:59 p.m. SLT

About Ava Runner

Owner of Chaotic Creative Co-owner of FAR Concepts Founder of FAR Hunt Group, a division of FAR Concepts Contact: Avari Carrasco inworld.

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