KittiiKat27 Darkrose ~ Kitti’s Mens and Ladies Attire

Name: Kittii Darkrose


How long has your store been open:
About a month

What do you sell:

I sell and make mens wear, womans wear, children’s play and dress wear, clothes for peite females and mesh and sculpt coats later i will add peite mens wear  plus shoes and boots and some jewlery items to my store thru out my store you can find free items also if you join  MENS AND LADIES ATTIRE group you will receive a group gift each month a newely made outfit or coat i try to make the group gift uni sex so men dont feel left out.  and i hope the gift isnt too girly for them.

1) Sl offers its residents a wide variety of opportunities for creation and design. What elements inspired you, to begin creating?  (Detail what particular items you offer to the residents of sl)

In SL i have seen many beautiful things that i havent seen in RL I am trying to incorporate that beauty in my creations and when i have created the most beautiful dress ever seen i will then try to make one even more beautiful that is my goal.
for now…

2) Success is often the ability to turn obstacles into opportunities.  What have been some of your greatest achievements since you began designing?

i still havent reached my goal in my designs at this time. i like Having people like the clothes i am making and want to buy them and wear them.
.here i can use almost any texture to make dresses it is hard to choose which i will use next… I use skirt generators to help make the skirts plus templates i have purchased (i need to learn how to make my own) to try to achieve with my creations i want them to be my own no ones elses…i want them to be the best
the mesh coats and sculpted coats are and will be for now my speciality item though i havent mastered the art of sculpting w/o maps and use other peoples mesh designs at this time., which i use since i dont know how to make them my self.
i am still learning.

3) Learning is a lifelong process, and none of us are expect from the lessons life teaches us.  What has been the hardest things to overcome, and what lessons has it taught you? Not giving up when you think nothings out there for you.

The hardest thing is not giving up and throwing in the towel.
I am still learning. i have found that if i keep trying i will create something that will wow everyone. and show myself and them that i out did myself … they can do it too..
i am out to prove to myself that i can design a dress that women  will love to be seen in and men cant wait to get that woman in their arms.. I know i can do it . i am working on that dress now but it isnt ready yet.

I have learned that even if you make mistakes keep on going and dont give up. You can improve and expand by learning from your mistakes. Also if you are in a fix or a bind or believe you hit a stone wall, ask for some help from someone you trust. they will lend you a hand. and will lead you on the right path. When something you make doesnt look the way you want it , take it apart and try again till it looks better than you expected.

4) What are your plans for the future where your business is concerned?

I would like to make my store and clothing the best in sl if i can do that i can do anything

5) Based on your own experiences, what advice would you offer to new builders, designers and content creators?

even if something dont look right and you feel like giving up dont keep on trying and you will achieve heights higher than you ever expected.
sometimes my creations look so awful that i have wanted to quit sl and hide under the bed.  but a good and trusted friend said to me dont give up..dont run away from your mistakes learn from them and keep on going you can only improve just remember that even when things look or feel the worse DON’T GIVE UP and you can achieve things beyond everyones expectations

Kittii’s Favorite Design?


“this is one dress that is the start of my new line of ladies dresses/gowns i am going for sleek and sexy which i hope will attract the men’s attention when they look at the lady wearing one of my creations” says Kittii of KittiiKats Mens and Ladies Attire.

You can find KittiiKat Darkrose’s store by clicking the logo in the sidebar of this page.   Her store is number 6 on the hunt path!  Be sure to stop by, grab the gifts and do a little shopping while you are there!

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