Desdemona Young – SD Wears


Name: Desdemona Young

Store Name: SD Wears


How long has your store been open: Since 2007

What do you sell: Lady & Men fashion

1) Sl offers its residents a wide variety of opportunities for creation and design. What elements inspired you, to begin creating?  

Back in the early years of SL, the variety of fashion was not what it is today.  I started designing out of need for something that resembled my every day look in real life.  Over the years, the SL fashion industry has blossomed and the variety is colossal.  Now, I simply create (when I can) for the love and relaxation it grants me.

2) Success is often the ability to turn obstacles into opportunities.  What have been some of your greatest achievements since you began designing?  

I must say, there have been many barriers that designers, including myself, have overcome over the years.  The ever-changing way we used prims, then scripts, then sculpts and now the latest meshes.  As well, the way we market our brands has constantly changed every year. Reaching new customers and keeping our loyal followers is very tricky.  If you can stay up-to-date with the SL environment, then your brand will continue to flourish.

3) Learning is a lifelong process, and none of us are expect from the lessons life teaches us.  What has been the hardest things to overcome, and what lessons has it taught you?

The hardest thing for me was giving-up my main store land that I had for almost five years.  After two years of planning to have my first child and finally getting pregnant, my priorities changed instantly and I knew I could not put my full energy into SD Wears.  I struggled for many months on having to relinquish the land and give into RL. It was like allowing a part of me to die, yet I had a new life that was worth every worry and sorrow.

4) What are your plans for the future where your business is concerned?

After the dirty diapers, the wailing baby and I am able to sleep again, I plan on returning full-force with a lot of new fun designs for SD Wears.

5) Based on your own experiences, what advice would you offer to new builders, designers and content creators?  

Love what you do.  Don’t do it because you want to become rich.  Do it because it inspires you in your real life mind and body.

Desdemona’s Favorite Design?

SD Wears Hot Topic Ad PIC

Desdemona states this as the reason for choosing this “Hot Topic” as her noteable design. “I love and hate this outfit, simply because it caused the epic computer crash where I lost all my data.  It forced me to re-design all my shade/highlight/wringles maps etc..”

You’ll find SD Wears on The Wash sim and number 9 on the Secret Santa Hunt path.  Take the cab embedded in the logo on the side bar or flip over to the hint page for the Secret Santa Hunt where you’ll find the slurl as well.

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