Ani Charisma – Charisma Designs

Ani Charisma

Name:  Ani Charisma
Store Name: Charisma Designs


How long has your store been open: 2+ years

What do you sell:  Women & Men Fashions, FP Textures

1) Sl offers its residents a wide variety of opportunities for creation and design. What elements inspired you, to begin creating?  (Detail what particular items you offer to the residents of sl)
I started creating for myself. A way to have the styles I liked without having to spend alot. Then I started making designs for my friends. I opened my 1st store with my partner and designed clothes to go with his jewelry. I stopped designing after we broke up but one day a stranger asked me where they could get the silks I was wearing. SO I started making silks, then moved into formals and slowly branched out in casual clothes & men’s fashions.

2) Success is often the ability to turn obstacles into opportunities.  What have been some of your greatest achievements since you began designing?
I feel my designs are constantly improving. I do have a couple of designs, the Elements Line & Mystique, that I am very proud of.

3) Learning is a lifelong process, and none of us are expect from the lessons life teaches us.  What has been the hardest things to overcome, and what lessons has it taught you? Lack of confidence in myself. As I have grown my confident in my ability as a designer I have relaxed and played more with textures, gimp effects and adding little touches. I think my designs continue to improve as a result.

4) What are your plans for the future where your business is concerned?   Hopefully to continue to grow my customer base. I don’t think I will ever be as big as some of the huge well known brands in sl but I hope to grow and develop a loyal customer base. Maybe one day make enough in sales to at least cover my tiers :)

5) Based on your own experiences, what advice would you offer to new builders, designers and content creators?    Take a chance. Believe in yourself. Keep trying. Most of all… don’t get discouraged. As long as you like what you make & are having fun nothing else matters.

Ani’s Favorite Design?

Charisma - Elements - Water - Mini PIC

“This is one of my all time favorite design lines. A combination of beautiful textures and special effects in GIMP created the bright vivid colors and details on the bodice. It was one of those textures that I had so much fun with that I couldn’t stop with just one outfit. I ended making lingerie, silks, mini skirt, cocktail dress, ball gown and a formal couture style gown. Right now this line just has the 4 Elements; Earth, water, Fire & Air but I am thinking about adding to it.”

Visit Charisma Designs by clicking the logo in the sidebar!  You’ll also find Ani’s store situated nicely at number 10 on the Secret Santa Hunt path.  While you are there keep the following information from Ani in mind and do join the group!!

We have new releases every week, weekly sales, lucky chairs, mm boards, group discounts & free gifts for all visitors. And defintely stop by during the Christmas Season. Both my manager, Tai & I love Christmas and we are planning to go all out this year to make it a wonderful season for everyone, especially our group members.”

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