Timeline – The Secret Santa Hunt

This is the timeline for Secret Santa Hunt … let’s all do our part for a smooth and exciting hunt by adhering to the timeline as it is written.   Any changes to the timeline will be sent to you INworld through the mailer system and the hunt group to cover bases and keep everyone on the same page.

**Signage is sent out as soon as applications are processed.  Rez them as instructed because it contains info for potential designers AND Walk Thru to check is done shortly after we send them out”

November 20th – Applications Close at 11:59 SLT

November 21st – Updated Vendor Packages will go out.  These will include a new sign, example hunt prim w/ hint giver, timeline, instructions for sending in hints, pics, changes in landmark etc and so forth.

November 21st – Pictures can begin to be emailed (if they are ready due to your super awesomeness to have done your hunt gift early) to far.hunt.group@gmail.com AND hints can begin to be submitted by online form.  Links supplied in vendor package and elsewhere on this blog.

November 26th – Walkthru’s begin to check for proper signage with the hunt prim, store that moved, misplaced landing points etc.  Most of you know the drill on what organizer’s look for during walkthru’s.

December 5th – Last day to submit hints and pictures for the blog.  Hints ARE mandatory, pics are voluntary!  Note that pics do advertise your store if the store name is on the picture somewhere.

December 5th – Hunt Objects sent with any additional instructions needed prior to the start of the hunt.  Fill these and get them hidden as soon as possible PLEASE!

December 8th – Final Walk Thru!!  We would love to

December 10th – Hunters find tons of fabulous gifts left for them by all The Secret Santa s.


In the event that you will be unable to meet any of the deadlines, PLEASE let us know as soon as you are able.  Emergencies do come up however if you know in advance, we would like to know in advance.  This will decrease the number of stores that we have to drop or move before, during or after the hunt.

**Note this is subject to change as needed to accommodate the organizer’s real life schedules and fix any discrepancies that may be found in the timeline itself**
Contact either Rowan Attis or Ava Carrasco if you need any assistance along the way.

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