FHG Loves…. The 2fer Sale!

_2fer Sale_ Logo


YES!  It totally is another weekly sale event.  What it IS NOT is your typical sale.  The 2fer Sale IS a unique sale experience for the shopper.

2 Items + 2 Days + 1 Price = The 2fer Sale

Can you think of one person who doesn’t absolute LOVE a bargain?  Of course not.  Nothing better, right? Except getting 2 high quality products for the price of one.


Each week folks will have the opportunity to snag up two of your fantastic designs for L$100.

The sale is targeted to begin running on Tuesday, February 5th and Wednesday February 6th.

Interested?  Read on ~ Your current customers and countless new ones will be thrilled you decided to take part.  And I will be thrilled too!


Guidelines -

First and Foremost ~ There IS a L$100 fee for each week you participate.  Continue reading and you will understand why this is being put in place

Items do NOT have to be new.  They do have to be the same quality as the items currently in your store.  Of course, NEW! PROMO! EXCLUSIVE! tend to be attention grabbing and draw folks to your store :)

You do NOT have to participate every week though it will be nice to see repeats every week..  Once per month is sufficient to retain your place in the sale.

You MUST not submit the same items for sale more than once per month

A vendor will be provided to each merchant for the sale to aid in displaying the items and giving the ability to purchase both from one unscripted vendor

The 2fer Sale subscriber / group joiner MUST be placed at your store for customers to join and receive weekly lists.

An inworld group will also be created.  Merchants will be allowed to send notices through this group as membership increases.  It IS MANDATORY to join yourself or have a store manager, business partner or regularly used alt join.

Merchant ad copy (your photos) will be compiled into a notecard for inworld distribution and placed on a blog for internet (offline) viewing.

Slurls MUST be provided in your submission or they will not be posted.

Merchants who provide logos will be placed on the 2fer Sale blog with a link to one of the following your store blog (preferred!), inworld store slurl, or your marketplace.


L$100 submission fee covers: 1) Time to compile the list with correct info from designers for inworld submission, 2) Posting sale ads to the 2fer Sale blog, 3) Purchase additional advertising space for the 2fer Sale group on other notable blogs and inworld as seen beneficial to the designers.

Rename the following notecard “2fer Sale” [Store Name] [Merchant Name]  Fill it out completely then deliver to Rebekah Carlucci – 2fer Sale Account Marketing Manager

Please understand that I do have a real life job with very odd hours AND own Piddler’s Perch inworld. In order to evenly spread my sl time, the day to day workings will be done on another account. This is an undertaking that I am VERY excited about because I feel that the concept will bring a new enthusiasm to shoppers. I do hope that you will consider this opportunity to reach even more customers.

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