Inside & Outside Home & Garden Fair

Deadline for application is July 15th 2012

Entry Fees ARE DUE Upon Accepatnce!!

EVENT: In & Out Fair – Home and Garden Sales Event
DESCRIPTION: Interior design and decor, landscaping, ans home show
DATES: August 1-14
COST: 100L 

Merchant Information -
One person per application per store
Items must be priced 50L or less
15 prims maximum
No scripted vendors
All Sized to 1.5 m x 1.5 m
Set to Full Bright
Keep Prims within Alloted Space

**Absolutely NO business in a box, Resellers or Regurgitated Freebies.**

A list of bloggers covering the event will be provided for all who wish to take advantage of the exposure.  To have your items viewed and reviewed create a box, titel it “Store Name – Your Name – In/Out Fair” and distribute it personally to the bloggers on the list.

Exclusive items to The Fair are not necessary, however having an exclusive item or two can lead to more visitors which means more opportunity to gain new customers for you..

We hope you consider joining us!


COPY & PASTE ~~ The Following Information Into A Notecard.  Fill Out As Complete As Possible!!

Please Rename to IN/OUT App – Store Name – Your Name and drop to Avari Carrasco or Tattoo Lane


Store Name:

Are you the owner? If not, what is your position and what is the owners name?



Drop complete application to Avari Carrasco or Tattoo Lane.  REMEMBER!  Entry Fee Is Due Upon Acceptance.

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