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FAR Hunt Group Merchant Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in this hunt.  We hope that once you have read the guidelines that you will join us. We work hard to ensure a smooth and fun hunt for our merchants and ourselves.  Some of the items below will seem like common sense AND it is!  However, they do need to be listed to ensure all merchants are aware of what is expected when participating in any FAR Hunt Group hunt.


The Secret Santa Hunt 

Hunt Dates: December 10, 2012 thru December 31, 2012

Deadline for Applications: November 20, 2012

**As the secret santa of all our lovely hunters it’s your job to provide a gift that will knock their socks off!   It does NOT have to be christmas related, this is not a themed hunt.  Create as if you were giving the gift to yourself.  Design the most fabulous, fun, wacky, practical or even glamorous present you can think of!  Surprise the hunters with a gift that will have them ooo’ing and ahhh’ing for weeks after the hunt is over.  The best guide for your creation is “If you wouldn’t want it for yourself, don’t give it as a gift!”

Of utmost importance is that all stores will be checked out prior to acceptance into the hunt.  This is to ensure that hunters will be getting the best quality gifts.  We do encourage All stores to apply, whether newly opened or seasoned veteran. However, please know that if your store contains affiliate vendors, or if your store contains images or products that are NOT made by you, your store will be denied. Please have at least 18-20 items for sale before you apply.

*This is a FREE hunt!

*Your store must be on a sim that allows ALL avatars, not just human ones.

*You must be able to read & write english fleuntly

*The gift you provide MUST be NEW for this hunt

*You Must provide a male & female gift or one that is unisex

*Quality Merchandise is a Must.  This means the gift you present must reflect the items that you sell in your store.

*The hunt prize MUST not be for sale in your store, on marketplace or anywhere else during the hunt.  You may do what you would like with it once the hunt has ended.

*No Affliate Vendors, No resellers, no business in a box, no newbie or freebie type stores will be accepted.  No exceptions.

*The landing point must be infront of your store, no more than 15 meters from the entrance.  Mall Stores with forced landing points will not be accepted!

*Your store must be in no more than 5 hunts including this one

*Decoys are limited to 2 … PERIOD, no more!

*You will be added to a subscriber that you must remain in for the duration of the hunt.

*Merchants who are accepted will receive the vendor package with hunt sign, time line and other pertinent information.

*Do not IM to ask if you were accepted or not.  You will be notified if you have been accepted.

*Hunt sign with hunt prim MUST be rezzed at your location immediately AT THE LANDING POINT.  In CLEAR VIEW as we have many stores to check and WILL NOT look around corners, behind the stairs and halfway to hell to find it.

*You MUST able to meet deadlines for submitting needed information (hints and pics)

*If your store moves before or during the hunt we NEED to know right away! Failure to inform of the new location or update hint info, you will be moved to the back of the hunt path and a notecard sent.  Again, 2 days to correct the problem(s) before being dropped.

*Hints MUST be provided for the blog and the hint giver provided (script inside hunt prim) MUST be used in the store IF you do not have a hint giver of your own.

*Pictures should be sent by email to (512 x 512 ONLY) (this ensures they are received for blogging.  With the state of SL these days, we feel this is safer than being lost in inventory)

*Applications must be Complete or they will be deleted without notice.

**Further instuction will be included inside the vendor package should you be approved.  Please be sure to read everything as it IS all important and helps us to run a smooth and fun hunt even before it starts. **

Now that you’ve gotten this far, hope you join us!

In order to avoid the unpleasantness of lost applications, missing messages, and more due to the recent instability of the SL platform, we have switched to an entirely online webform system. we are no longer accepting notecard applications, hints, or location change forms. Please locate the necessary form here to submit your information.  By filling out the form you AGREE to all listed above!!


The Secret Santa Hunt

Submit Your Hint 

Submit your Change of Information (Slurls, hints, withdrawls, etc)

If at anytime you have questions, concerns or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact Rowan Attis or Avari Carrasco by IM and / or Notecard.

NOTE: Changes will be made to the Vendor Guidelines as time progresses and they are deemed to be necessary based on our experiences.

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