FHG’s Big New Hunt Order

1 - DiGi – Cyberpunk Fashion & Innovations:

2 – Noir Coutour# 1 Have a libation in the VIP Area!!, # 2 Fellas Get Lei’d, # 3 Stay up to date on infomation

3 – KJIm

4 – KJIm Kids Apparel

5 – Loordes of London

6 – Kabuki Creations I’m such a Beach Lover, I could stay out here for days.

7 – Fi’s Creations NEWS !


9 – Deluxe Body Factory

10 – Fairey Angel Creations Is it time to read a story?

11 – M&M STYLE

12 - Deadly Mouse

13 - Deadly Mouse (Mens)

14 - – Fourty5 -

15 - limited editons

16 – [Earth's] My name isn’t Smokey but I am still a bear

17 - Bomshie

18 – {{Imajicas G-Spot}} Gestures Pretty Sign :)

19 – Geek Chic Creations These treble earrings are pretty cool!

20 – ImPose

21 - Hatter ‘n Hell I love Paris in the…August will do.

22 – Stitches Creations Relaxing under an umbrella

23 – Bling Bling Home Decor & Gift Store  It’s hard to find small things in a big world. You will love the light for it shows you the way

24 – Pixellations

25 – Holli PocketI’m in a corner up high on this pink frame!

26 – Loveless Creations Freeze!

27 – Cynners -

28 – .: LIKE DESIGN :. Hint:- laying on shelf

29- **BN** designs

30 - Masriaat (Tp Board at Landing) As I was climbing up the stair, I met a man who was not there…

It Time! FHG’s “Meet The Sponsor”

As you may know by now this is one of my favorite parts of the hunt. Getting to know more about the person behind the business name is always a treat. Each of our sponsors, past and present, have offered their personal advice to folks looking to jump into the design arena as well as their own personal experiences as creators.

Please do take the time to read what our fantastic sponsors have to say! You might be surprised at what you might learn about these amazingly talented individuals

“Meet The Sponsors” of the Birthday Bash Hunt

Click the link above for the full list of sponsors. You’ll be able to read all available interviews as they are listed on the “Meet The Sponsors” page, with appropriate linkage.

FHG Birthday Bash Hunt Hints & Slurls

1)  1 Hundred – Find The Perfect Window For A Party Treat!
2) CoLLisions – Even Zinobra & Nemesis enjoy a little Birthday Cake now and then, but Nemesis is not that fond of sharing.
3) Fantasy Restraints & Fashion – Buckled down get ready to hunt, you will find all the goodies
4) MFP Designs -
5) An Lema  – Don’t cry over spilled milk.  Cry over the cupcake I dropped.  Now I is all wet!
6) Lok’s Low Prim Furniture – Find the SALE, and try not to get caught in your birthday suit.
7) Raessa Marketing & Design – Your gift rests amongst the glamorous items.
8) Fi’s Creations
9) Felicia’s Fashion – “A little bit of sweetness under a Penny”
10) Hopes Creations – Look & search for this tasty treat …..  its High in calories that you seek
11) Skipped
12) Skipped
13) Loordes of London – by the bargains
14) Raynzone – REAGAN wishes FHG a Happy Birthday!!
15) Grumble – Every girl wants a new pair of shoes for the party!
16) Libby’s Holiday Store – Masked Man
17) Nefeli’s Gestures – I’ts Party Timeee!!
18) Shadow Moon – OOPS! I might do it again…. it was fun last time :)~
19) .:K&B:. Katitudes & Boneisms – Meow Mix now comes in Cupcake Flavour. It’s the Taste your Kittie’s Love!
20) [dirty.little.secret] – Who left this drawer open?
21) Skipped
22) Kaithleen’s – Do they clean down here too?
23) Unforgettable Temptations *Adult Sim*
24) Lotus Garden Center – It’s in you
25) Ro!Act Designs – Have you checked the SALES?
27) Freya’s Finest Jewels – Like me!
28) R & Z Creations – i do not like others to know where i am but i want to be able to view when someone comes in and out ,up and down in the store….
29) Tree House Treasures
30) Flowers Candles Romance – Come and tiptoe through the tulips with me!
31) Alchemi Scenes –  Cheer on your favorite team. Go boys go!!
32) DivaLicious
33) Evaki – Let’s meet in the middle
34) Skipped
35) Lions & Butterflies – An easy find right from the start – just look around to find a heart!
36) SHUP BISH – A birthday candle in the sign (Secondary hint could be “Birthday star!”)
37) Nomiki’s Creations – I wonder if I fit in with the other foods here???
38) Somethng New
39) SD Wears – Hold me tightly and my cupcake too! **SKIP UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE**
40) Freya’s Finest @ DMC2 – Oooo, a sweetie machine?

It’s Our BIRTHDAY!! We’re having a bash to celebrate!!!!

FAR Hunt Group is one year old this month!  We are very pleased to have everyone of you supporting us by joining in the hunts, sales and events.  Whether you are a shopper, hunter, or merchant, you are the reason we are here doing what we do.  Organizing events of any kind can often be stressful for us as organizers but it is all worthwhile when the end result is a successful event where folks get great goodies to fill their inventory :)  Hunters gathering fantastic gifts, shoppers piling their inventory with outstanding sales, all provided by a plethora of merchants both new and veterans; there is no better reason for an being.

FHG is most grateful to all of you who have supported us this past year.  We hope that the next year will be better than this past one for you all and us. Now with all birthdays there should be celebration.  The gifts however are for you!!

Our birthday wouldn’t be complete without a party!  FAR Hunt Group is proud to host the FHG Birthday Bash Hunt!  Yep, you know it.  It’s a hunt!  The perfect gift for us is to have you receive the gifts, soooooo ….. from February 15th until March 15th go on the hunt to get all your fabulous pressies!!!   We will even give you a peek at what they are!

Check these out ~~

We’ll add more to the gallery as they are sent in to the email.  We couldn’t think of any better people to spend our birthday with than you, our supporters :)

Much Love to You All,

Ava & Rowan
FAR Hunt Group Owners

Our Favorite Finds: Kaithleens

z blog 1

Outfit, Kaithleens Neck Halter Silk Dress Rosy – Pose, //elephante poses// – Hair, Exile Alyssa – Frost

z blog 3

Kaithleens Silk Brocade Oriental Minidress in red. //elephante poses//. ::CoLLisions:: Delicate Sadness jewelry ((Millenium Hunt prize, 2012))


z blog 2 copy

Kaithleens Princess Dress Black.  //elephamte poses//

z blog 4

Kaithleens Long-sleeved Colorful Mesh Dress RedGreen –  [glow] Black-eye Necklace –  (PRISS) Lang Suede Satchel in Light Brown – Hair Exile Cyla moreno


LAQ Nellie Skin and Z Shape, TSM Hollywood Eyes Evergreen

Our Favorite Finds: Luzifee!

blog Luz 1

Outfit, Luzifee’s Norma (paired with N-Core Essence “Noir Intense” heels) Pose: //elephante poses// Glosoli #5

Hair, Exile’s By The Shore – California. Skin LAQ, Nellie with Z Shape. Background by Katink.

blog Luz 4

Outfit, Luzifee’s Lanj –  Pose: //elephante poses//

Hair, Exile’s Cyla- Moreno. Skin LAQ, Nellie with Z Shape. Background by Katink.


blog luz 5

Outfit, Luzifee’s Martine (includes hat and pearls)  Pose: //elephante poses// Glosoli #5

Hair, [e] Thrive (essentials, Black 04). Skin LAQ, Nellie with Z Shape. Background by Katink.

blog Luz 3

Outfit, Luzifee’s Belen Flowerpower (includes glasses, necklace andshoes)) Pose: //elephante poses//

Hair, Exile’s Betty Lou – Hollywood. Skin LAQ, Nellie with Z Shape. Background by Katink.

blog Luz a

Outfit, Luzifee’s Patricia –  Pose: //elephante poses//

Jewellry, Chop Zuey –  I AM Adi Shakti,  Hair, Exile’s Dandy – Vanilla . Skin LAQ, Nellie with Z Shape. Background by Katink.

Favorites from Lions & Butterflies and RaynZone

Every designer has created items that they absolutely love.  Myself included.  The “Our Favorite Things” event gives designers an opportunity to offer their favs to all of you for less than L$50 each.  You’ll have to take a ride over to the sale tomorrow morning to see it all in one place.  For now though, a tasty tease.

Hair / Hat Combo: Embla ~ Amacci New Years 2013 Gift

Tank: Naughty Camisk Gold ~ Lions & Butterflies

Jeans: Jesse Glamour Fatpack – Purple ~ RaynZone

The skin is another version of the PartyGirl Skins offered by Curio as a gift.  The slurl can be found in the post below this one :)

Wicked Sin Creations ~ Our Favorite Things Sale Event

“Our Favorite Things” Sale Event is on!   Course if you’re keepin’ an eye on this blog and our inworld group you already know this.   This is only one of many designs offered up by Wicked Sin Creations.   Pop over to the sale and grab up these deals while you can!!


Hair: Tameless ~ Reese ~ a short style with spunk. Ability to change colors in the streak and hair.  Great as always and a new favorite.

Skin: Curio ~ :GP: Petal [Dark] Party Girl – Midnight 2 ** Free gift mega pack marking the return of Curio Skins, awesome gift as a thank you from Gaia Phoenix for all the support received. ** So many skins in this pack that I lost count.  Amazing!!

OUTFIT – Wicked Sin Creations ~ Deep “Black” offered at Our Favorite Things Event

Boots – :{MV}: ~ Snakeskin Noir — just an awesome ass pair of Mesh boots I grabbed while on L$60 Weekend